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By Mulengera Reporters

The Inspectorate of Government (IG) is among the offices that are created by the Constitution and IGG and the two deputies are appointed by the President to strictly serve for two terms. With Irene Mulyagonja’s 2nd term ending on Sunday 5th July 2020, there will be a vacant position for which Gen Museveni ideally must by now have identified a successor preparing him or her for Parliamentary vetting and approval.

Yet George Bamugemereire, who is 1st Deputy IGG, will have his 2nd and last term expire in March next year with Mariam Wangadya, the other Deputy, being the last man standing. Hers too expires in August 2021. It’s not renewable because she will have completed her two terms too. This means in the next 20 months the three office bearers at the IG’s very top will be new people. Mulyagonja was already appointed Justice of the Supreme Court and after handing over office, she will be taking oath before the President and then return to the bench where she served before famously becoming IGG substantively replacing Faith Mwondha.


She stayed on to deny wrong doers room to misbehave hoping to exploit the vacuum at IG and keep getting away with it. Absence of a substantive IGG or of a fully constituted Inspectorate of Government was in the past exploited by those being prosecuted to say there is no way an improperly constituted Inspectorate can properly prosecute anyone. So, the decision by Mulyagonja to stay on for the remaining months (up to July 2020) was a prudent one meant to buy time for the HE YK Museveni to find a perfect replacement for her.

Latest information reaching Mulengera News indicates that former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura is among those whose names have been hinted upon for potential Mulyagonja successor. A group of strong lobbyists, led by veteran journalist and informal Museveni advisor Andrew Mwenda, have been doing their best to influence the President’s decision in favor of Gen Kayihura who remains undeployed largely because of the criminal charges that continue hovering over his head. Sources say the Mwendas have thrice met at Imperial Royale Hotel where the Kayihura strategy has been discussed.

After building consensus on how the criminal charges in the military court can be expeditiously waived to declare the General from Kashagama a free man, the Mwendas then reached out to Gen Salim Saleh and Gen Muhoozi both of whom indicated they have no problem with the former Police chief becoming the next IGG. Gratefully, Col Edith Nakalema (who heads the State House Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) which has been accused by some of overshadowing the IGG and rendering her irrelevant) will naturally be very comfortable allying with Kayihura because the two in the past worked well together. Nakalema was then the Defacto PPS in State House and Kayihura was then the very influential IGP who often spoke to and met Gen Museveni. In fact, State House sources say it was hard for any anti-Kayihura dossier to reach the HE for the period Nakalema was shepherding the PPS office.

Posting Kayihura as IGG would naturally enable Nakalema, whose ACU’s legal status continues to be challenged and questioned, to closely and more formally work with the IG which is a constitutionally-constituted body of government. And that will be the best way to mend relations between ACU and the IG. Ordinarily Nakalema should be having her cases prosecuted through the IG but she has been avoiding the office to instead work with the DPP because she perceived Mulyagonja as lukewarm and cold towards her. That uneasiness hasn’t been good for the fight against corruption that requires synergy and concerted efforts.

The uneasiness of the IG staff towards ACU only escalated in March when the IG offices were closed after refusal by the Rugunda taskforce to consider it an essential service provider yet at the same time, Nakalema’s ACU was designated so and they continued operating normally and had many high profile arrests (e.g. the one of OPM) which gave them a lot of publicity and thereby pushing the IG further into the periphery. The shining of Nakalema was preceded by several public admonishments that Gen Museveni directed at the IGG and one time he even implied the IG office had been infiltrated by wrong elements (he likes sarcastically calling the kawukumi or weevils).


The pro-Kayihura lobbyists believe that by working closely with Nakalema’s ACU, Gen Kayihura is the man to deepen credibility and public trust in the Inspectorate of Government which Gen Museveni has been bad mouthing at public functions. The other option for Gen Kayihura which has been considered is creating for him a powerful role in the OWC under Gen Salim Saleh where he can equally excel since he is naturally a good political mobilizer for Museveni and his governing NRM.

Besides Gen Kayihura, there are reports that another group of the powerful lobbyists have separately been marketing either of the deputies to be elevated and take the position of the IGG after Mulyagonja with whom they have had cordial relations without any backstabbing. Actually incumbent Mulyagonja is understood to favor this arrangement; having one of the deputies stepping forward to replace her. Reliable sources show that there is another group lobbying for a prominent Muslim to become the next IGG and this group comprises of the likes of Mufti Shaban Mubaje, Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo and others. Just like the Mwendas have leveraged on Generals Muhoozi and Saleh to have audience with the President, this Muslim group too has met Museveni and strongly made their case. It remains to be seen who the man from Rwakitura will finally favor for the coveted job whose holder is entitled to earning a cool Shs36m per month among other benefits.

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