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By Otim Nape

Veteran journalist and also influential free-lance advisor to the President Andrew Mwenda says the Ugandan big man has reason to worry because the US sanctioning of his former IGP Gen Kale Kayihura is a curtain-raising act rehearsing for his eventual ouster.

Speaking during a Thursday TV talk show, Mwenda said there is no way the Americans (whose actions he predicted will be replicated by Europe) can stop at just Kayihura and leave Museveni under whose sponsorship and supervision he worked during his 12 years as an IGP who openly promoted the ruling NRM interest while repeatedly brutalizing its opponents.

Claiming they now realize that having been their agent for close to 4 decades, Museveni has become so unpopular and outlived his usefulness in the region he once dominated as a leading reformist; Mwenda said Bobi Wine is the new stooge (he called him so) that the western powers have chosen to use to continue propagating their own interests in Uganda.

Corroborating what fellow panelist Ofwono Opondo had said earlier, Mwenda said the sanctioning of Kayihura will no doubt cow less prolific military and police leaders to act with extreme restraint when in future sent out to crush opposition supporters on the streets. Many will be wondering if the Americans can come after a whole General who is my former boss, how about me; Mwenda observed.

He added that without being able to rely on the military and police to coerce his opponents into submission, Museveni will then be finished for purposes of getting reelected in 2021. He said the only way the man from Rwakitura can survive is by either preventing Bobi Wine from appearing on the ballot paper as a presidential candidate or by undertaking actions that can scare away voters so that very few turn up to vote.

The man from Kanyandahi argued that low voter turnup makes it easy for the state to rig for the incumbent and thereby facilitating Museveni’s return to power. Mwenda remained doubtful Museveni can get reelected without being able to effectively leverage on his control over the military and police.

Opondo agreed the Kayihura sanctioning will cow many security operatives when sent out to crush dissenters on the street but added that the NRM leadership he knows will go down fighting rather than just letting opposition rioters overthrow them from power.

Opposition panelists on the show (who included Norbert Mao, Semujju Nganda and Medard Segona) said they were excited about the Americans finally cracking the whip on the impunity actors in the Museveni government.

The trio said having been subjugated and made to lose hope in peaceful transfer of power, they are ready to cheerfully welcome anyone that can help them overcome Museveni who Mao repeatedly accused of raping the Constitution. Segona said where things have reached anyone that can do the job, even it’s a mad man like Kony or any other, is welcome to help Ugandans have a new start. Semujju said they wouldn’t be frightened by being blackmailed by the likes of Mwenda that cheering the American act amounts to being stooges of the imperialists because even Museveni has relied on the same super powers to keep subjugating his opponents back home.

Mao said the Americans have since the days of Henry Kissinger had no permanent enemies or friends but permanent interests. “What’s wrong with us as opposition having convergency with them on sanctioning the brutes that have subjugated all of us and made us lose hope in peaceful transfer of power?” The DP boss said gone are the days when opposition leaders were expected to get ashamed being seen cheering foreigners publicly.

Mwenda condemned the tendency by opposition actors to count on foreigners prompting Semujju Nganda to remind him of his numerous news articles condemning the rest of the world for indifferently looking on as former Rwandan President Habyarimana executed a genocide in 1990-1994. Accepting that Museveni’s time was pretty up with his backers the Americans beginning to act funny, Mwenda said he was fearful the opposition groups the Americans are counting on to form the next government are going to turn out a worse option-more intolerant, decadent and more corrupt.  (For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at 



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