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By Mulengera Reporters

Even at the height of his power as Uganda’s most favored and longest serving IGP, Gen Kale Kayihura ensured his family remained out of the lime light. Full stop. But the latest scrutiny sparked by the Americans has resulted into his closest family members being profiled as the Trump administration prepares to enforce travel and economic sanctions against them, their businesses and close associates.

A Friday report by journalist Andrew Bagala shows that Kayihura’s wife Angela Umurisa Gabuka, daughter Tesi Uwibambe and son Kale Rudahigwa have been profiled by the US Treasury Department like never before. Using money, technology and other levers at their disposal, the Americans have compiled personally very confidential information regarding each of the Kayihura family members. The American view is that some of the properties and assets in which Gen Kayihura has interest are concealed in the names of these, their cronies and other proxies.

Gen Kayihura’s very reclusive wife (Angela Umurisa Gabuka) has been extensively profiled by the US along with her two children who they claim are the ones in whose names Gen KK registered some of his properties or their proxies.


Angela Umurisa Gabuka; She is profiled as introverted but very strong hearted. That she is closely related to the family of Mtara Rudahigwa who reigned as a powerful king in Rwanda in the 1950s. She is a teacher by profession but declined practicing in favor of remaining as a pure house wife before later on accepting some peripheral administrative role at one of the Universities in Kansanga Makindye Division.

She likes treating the poor in her community very generously and can be very forceful when insisting on having things done her own way. She resents people opposing her views for instance in family meetings and can take things so personal in case one de-campaigns her views in a meeting. She may never speak to you again if you annoyed her that way.

Save for the time she turned up in court to give solidarity to her sister Jackie Nsenga Uwera who was put on trial for the murder of her husband, Angela is seldom seen in public. Even at the height of her husband’s power, she always insisted on having her birth days celebrated at home in Muyenga where police used to rent a residence for Kayihura as IGP. Her sister Jackie was convicted in September 2014 and Angela had been active in attending court sessions. Though she rarely contributes during meetings, Angela is also a member of the exclusive club of the powerful that unites wives of powerful Ugandan generals.

Tesi Uwibambe; KK’s daughter is reserved and laid back just like her mum. She isn’t very fluent in speech but is an excellent writer. Daily Monitor discloses that while studying public health at Seattle University in Washington a few years ago, the young lady published many articles in her College publications and national newspapers in the US. She (ironically) was a very outspoken writer advocating on human rights which her father is accused of grossly trampling upon.

In Kampala, before going to the US, Tesi completed high school in one of the International Schools. That was May 2017. Seatle University alumni list captures her as one of their illustrious former students. She profiled as one who likes reaching out to the needy poor children in her community and extend a hand. That at her prompting Kale & Angela Kayihura funded the boosting of the children’s ward for Kisoro Referral Hospital to which they also donated incubators, beds and oxygen concentrators in 2017. While at Seattle University, Tesi distinguished herself as a writer ever advocating for the rights of women, black minorities and gay community members in the US. In September 2016, she authored a controversial article castigating the brutality with which the US police was handling youngmen in black neighborhoods.

After Seattle University, Tesi briefly returned to Uganda before getting a job to work with WFP Rwanda where she stayed until recently when relations between the two countries soured. The circumstances of her return from the WFP Rwanda job aren’t very clear. When Gen KK was put to trial in Makindye Court Martial, Tesi often attended court besides her mum and would run to the parking to wail and cry from their family car. She is deliberately introverted the very reason why even her photo can’t easily be found online.

 Kale Rudahigwa; He is very close to his father KK and was even with him last year when Gen Mbadi landed at Katebe village Kashagama in Lyantonde to arrest him. The two were in a meeting with investors from Europe who had come to discuss a potential partnership to invest into KK’s farm. As Mbadi carried him away on the helicopter, an emotionally broken Kayihura signaled his son Kale to carry on with the meeting in one of the tents outside his farm house.

As the dad was away at Makindye, Kale Jr is the one who continued to actively run the family estate. He is a lawyer having graduated from University of Buckingham in the UK. Before joining Buckingham, Kale did his entire secondary education at St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) where his dad too schooled in the 1970s. The young man was at SMACK between 2003 and 2008. He is fascinated by communist ideas and his role model is his late grand father John Kale, KK’s Pan-Africanist dad who actively participated in the independence struggle. He likes donning T-shirts with photographs of Che Guevara and a long beard. Later in 2013-2016, younger Kale returned to Buckingham University for a master in oil & gas. On return in 2017, he declined hunting a job with any of the oil companies or law firms and accepted the job of being PPS to his father who he continues closely advising on especially legal matters.

Renowned for being a fighter, Kayihura even up to this day believes the Americans are being used by the Mafia in government to totally obliterate him from planet earth. The man from Kisoro says his adversaries in government tried hard to paint him as the one who killed Felix Kaweesi and when that failed, after the President demanded for more qualitative evidence, they resorted to working with Americans   achieve the same goal.

He says its his adversaries who killed Kaweesi, having seen how closely he was to him, in order to weaken his administration as IGP. He says the killing of Kaweesi was as good as killing too because he was the man through whom he executed many of his duties. Kayihura, who wonders how the top US administration officials got to know about local names like Nalufenya, admits life hasn’t been easy since leaving the IGP office. He has also named some of the moles among opposition MPs and politicians he closely worked with on many clandestine missions as IGP.  (For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at 




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