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By Isaac Wandubile 

Following the release of names for new Cabinet Ministers, Hon Sam Kutesa outgoing foreign affairs minister innocently sent out a congratulatory message to Mawogola West MP Anifa Kawooya who has since been elevated to being State Minister for health.

“Anifa congratulations,” wrote the once very powerful Mawogola County MP who in the last more than 40 years (1980-2021) effortlessly decided the fate of so many people. SK, as his pals fondly call him, then posted his message on a whatsApp forum that unites many notables who hail from Sembabule Mawogola.

SK is a member there just like Anifa Kawooya Bangirana and many other big-name players, wannabes and Kampala-based wolokoso kings from Sembabule. As if he had opened a can of worms, SK’s message was greeted by all manner of insults from disgruntled NRM cadres on the group who have always blamed their failures to materially succeed on him.

Claiming that the dropped SK was merely being envious and disrespectful of Anifa Kawooya, the contributors demanded that the wealthy veteran politician apologizes or else they open war on him to his own detriment. “She is Hon Minister and not just Anifa. She is currently bigger than you are because in your case you are merely a former Minister. Let’s respect those who are better than us because currently it’s Hon Anifa Kawooya’s time and not yours anymore,” one member posted. 

Many others followed in disparaging SK until one supporter tried to rise to his defend but he was too late to salvage the situation. Some referred to the fact that SK, at whose powerful home many Sembabule big-name residents used to camp for weeks seeking to see him, can these days get snubbed by the nobodies/peasants in Sembabule who see him come to their houses and hide while telling their wives or children to tell him “daddy isn’t around or he is resting and says will call you later.”

There are also cases whereby SK, who people used to see strictly on appointment if he ever showed up at all, calling influential peasants in Sembabule (imploring them to get over the Aine Sodo hang over and embrace his daughter Shartsi Musherure) and they refuse to take his calls or make the phone busy and never call back. That these days SK, who used to be the last to arrive for functions, can actually arrive as early as 10am for a community function meant for 2pm.

This demystification of the once very powerful SK gradually started during the recently concluded campaigning period during which he struggled moving to door to door while imploring voters to consider electing his daughter Shartsi to replace him as Mawogola North MP. And Sembabule district (where he still serves as the NRM Chairman), which used to be the unassailable turf for the ruling party, is no longer the NRM stronghold it once was because actually one of the MPs (Mawogola County South’s Goreth Namugga) is actually NUP. This leaves NRM with Rwemiyaga’s Theodore Sekikubo, Woman MP Betty Begumisa and Anifa Kawooya Bangirana of Mawogola County West. Mawogola South, which Kutesa used to represent, is currently represent by an Independent (though NRM-leaning).(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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