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By Isaac Wandubile 

During the Friday Kabaka 67th Birthday Run-related engagement at Bulange Mengo, the Buganda Kingdom Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga said many nice things about the reigning KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka and enumerated some of the things she has been able to specifically do for Buganda Kingdom in the very short time (barely three years) she has been Kampala’s CEO.

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Prominent among the things Mayiga saluted Kisaka for doing for Buganda Kingdom is the paving of Ring Road which surrounds Kabaka‘s main palace at Mengo. “We wrote to her a letter explaining the importance of that road and we are very grateful she understood our point and work is already underway to upgrade that road,” Mayiga said about Kisaka, his Makerere Law School and LDC OG, who he repeatedly described as qualitative, committed and hardworking.

Recalling an interaction he had with her some time back when they stumbled on each other at Entebbe Airport, Mayiga said he had also impressed upon Kisaka the need to urgently pave or tarmac the access road directly linking the Mengo palace with Kabaka‘s lake in Rubaga Division’s Spire Zone. Mayiga said he knows the competing priorities on the ED’s table amidst financial resources constraints but expressed optimism all that will be surmounted since Kisaka is his OG.

The Buganda Katikkiro also enumerated the great things Jennifer Musisi Semakula, Kisaka‘s predecessor, did for Buganda including tarmacking Kabakanjagala Road linking the Mengo Palace to Bulange adding that he anticipates even much more from the contemporary KCCA since Kisaka, who heads it as CEO, isn’t only his Makerere Law School and LDC OB but also a private lawyer he has known each other with for decades.

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During the same Bulange Mengo Friday event where the ED led a KCCA delegation to register their solidarity and support for this year’s Kabaka‘s Birthday run, Kisaka reciprocated the good comments Mayiga had made about her and promised to deliver on the promise to tarmac the access road linking Kabaka’s lake to Mengo Palace. She said Kabaka‘s lake was too important in terms of Uganda’s cultural heritage to be ignored.

Asserting that President Museveni couldn’t have found a better person to replace the iron-fisted Jennifer Musisi, Mayiga described Kampala as the face of Uganda equating it to a sitting room of a nice modern home or even the face of a human being. He said that, therefore to head Kampala or KCCA as CEO, one has to be a woman and a half, a billing he said his OG Dorothy Kisaka appropriately fits.

Mayiga also reflected on what has been done and achieved between the two institutions and concluded that much more could have been achieved if the method of communication changed from frequent exchanges of very formal written official letters in favor of face to face meetings becoming more frequent.

He suggested having frequent informal evening coffee meetings between his team and Kisaka‘s saying decision-making is expedited to become faster through such informal interactions than can ever be the case through formal letters which the two institutions have been exchanging since the days of his predecessors.

He said even when there is a fairly warm relationship, there are some sticking issues which have been pending for years including the Kabaka properties and land that KCCA continues to occupy or even use on behalf of the Central government without paying the appropriate consideration to the Kabaka who is the registered proprietor.

These include some of the KCCA schools, hospitals and public markets like the Wandegeya one. He implied that regular informal interactions over coffee outside the office setting, between officials from both sides, would accelerate resolution of such pending issues which he insisted can be resolved without creating any detriment for either party.

Before receiving KCCA‘s contribution of Shs5m, which went into purchase of jerseys for participation in the upcoming Kabaka‘s Birthday run, Mayiga also addressed the need for Kampala to have its own authentic iconic symbol or logo. He disputed the clock tower (akanaala) which currently goes for KCCA‘s symbol asserting that it doesn’t communicate much besides lacking authenticity and clear attachment to the history of Kampala city.

While referencing on Kenyatta International Conference Center, the Big Ben Clock and the Statue of Liberty being the iconic symbols for the Cities of Nairobi, London and New York, Mayiga suggested that either the Mpalas (from whose hill the name Kampala was derived) or Kasubi Tombs becomes Kampala’s iconic symbol. Kisaka responded by saying this is something they have already been thinking about and hoped that policy makers at KCCA (basically the Lord Mayor and Lord Councilors) begin looking at this more seriously as a matter that requires urgent intervention and resolution.

The Capital City’s CEO, who didn’t promptly respond to Mayiga‘s proposal or invite for informal evening tea or coffee sessions, also seized the Bulange opportunity to further popularize the Parish Development Model (PDM) through which the GoU will annually, effective this new FY2022/2023, be availing Shs100m for each of the 99 parishes making Kampala City.

The same will be happening for all the more than 10,000 parishes making the whole Uganda. The poorest households, which couldn’t benefit from earlier similar interventions by government because of lack of collateral security or reluctance to join SACCOs or groups, will each be getting a soft loan of Shs1m to boost their very small business enterprises.

The cash, to be coming to each parish every FY in perpetuity, will be repayable within 3 years at 6% interest. No security will be required: one will only need their national ID and LC1 letter testifying to their good conduct and good citizenship. Being the head of the same in Kampala, Kisaka implored the Katikkiro to use his platform and coveted position of influence to become more outspoken in favor of PDM.

She said a lot of mobilization is already being done by people like herself and other leaders but it will be very helpful for the Katikkiro, being a development-oriented leader, to speak out amplifying the same. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at

Ronald Kalungi the Principal Coordinator $ Liaison officer in Katikkiro’s office.

Remmy Kisakye who is the CEO for Majestic Brands.

Robert Ssewava, the CEO who heads Kabaka’s Mengo Palace.





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