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By Isaac Wandubile

Buganda’s very popular Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga this Thursday afternoon drove to Kawaala where he paid tribute to Pastor Augustine Yiga Abizaayo whose approach to life he urged the youths to emulate. Mayiga, who veiledly disapproved of Pastor Jackson Senyonga’s decision to dance on the deceased’s grave, said that Yiga (who died at 45) accomplished many things in his short life because he had plenty of self-belief.

Mayiga said it required self-belief for the modestly educated poor self-made man from Sembabule to enter Kampala on his own and conquer the city in ways that Ps Yiga did. He said Yiga was a conqueror because he had self-belief besides valuing hard work. He revealed that despite being modestly educated, Yiga started what would grow into one of Kampala’s most known Christian Ministries under whose auspices he went as far as founding schools to facilitate the education of the economically vulnerable Ugandans.

Admitting he had achieved so much at such a young age, Mayiga also recalled how Abizaayo’s was one of the churches that made the biggest contribution years back when he unveiled the Toofali drive which too was about making Baganda have self-belief that things can be accomplished without having to wait for help from government or even outsiders. That the day the Toofali caravan went to Rubaga Division, Abizaayo stepped forward and mobilized his church members to jointly contribute a very big Toofali whose exact worth Mayiga never disclosed. The Katikkiro also called on the youths and other Ugandans to emulate the liberalism with which Abizaayo approached life.


Mayiga said that despite being a big-name Pentecostal leader, Abizaayo freely related with people from other religions including Muslims. Mayiga said this is proof the man from Sembabule was tolerant of those with divergent views to life and generally saw things differently. It’s against that background that the much-cheered Katikkiro registered his displeasure at fellow pastors who spoke ill of Abizaayo at a time he was unable to defend himself. This was a veiled reference to Pastor Jackson Senyonga who in-coming Kawempe North MP Mohammed Segirinya (speaking to the same audience Mayiga had just addressed) vowed to crash unless he apologizes. “You can’t go speaking so recklessly about a dead man who can’t defend himself. I’m Mohammed Segirinya the governor of Kawempe North where even Pastor Senyonga operates his church from. I’m demanding that he writes his apology and calls a press conference to publicly read it out or else we are going to make it hard for him to live and operate in our Kawempe,” Segirinya said.


The same Segirinya, who came with Mathias Walukagga, also called on mourners to make Abizaayo happy from wherever he will by voting for Bobi Wine who he claimed is the man the deceased politically supported. “Pastor Yiga was our friend, believed and worked for the same change we too are working for. Let’s honor him by killing Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu with votes come January next year,” said the vertically-challenged Kawempe politician who is also Kyagulanyi’s choice for the next Kawempe North MP.

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