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By Mulengera Reporters

Justice Minister Prof Ephraim Kamuntu has been bashed by MPs for indifferently walking away fleeing what threatens to degenerate into a stormy session this Wednesday afternoon. Kamuntu excused himself and walked off as Buvuma Woman MP Nantume Egunyu, who chairs the Human Rights Committee, presented her report to the plenary.

In her report, Nantume heaped a lot of blame on Gen Tumwine saying, as Security Minister, the man from Ankole had used his power and office to directly frustrate work of the committee yet it’s the Speaker herself who had assigned them this work. Nantume (whose Committee was assigned the job in response to a petition by Kawempe MP Latif Sebaggala who alleged widespread torture at ISO-manned safehouses) said Tumwine blocked them from accessing safe houses while denying being responsible for some of them.

She added that Tumwine also directed heads of intelligence agencies like ISO’s Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda from appearing to give evidence during committee proceedings. She summarized that aspect of the report by calling on the House to subject Gen Tumwine to severe reprimand for the impunity with which he has continued to act as if this country belongs to him.

Nantume is right now continuing to read her detailed report and the mood among the angry MPs is that Parliament should use today’s plenary and draw a line in the sand and censure Gen Elly Tumwine for his defiant acts and the contempt with which he treated the committee of Parliament whose mandate is well laid down in the Constitution. Its perhaps this impending stormy debate that Kamuntu was running away from prompting MPs Elijah Okupa and Henry Maurice Kibalya to rise on the point of procedure imploring the Speaker to prevent Kamuntu and his colleague the Attorney General William Byaruhanga from leaving Parliament because their guidance might be necessary at some point as MPs reflect on the possibility of having Tumwine censured.

With the very permissive Speaker Rebecca Kadaga herself being in the chair, there are credible fears that today’s evening plenary session could end into legislators opting to have Tumwine censured to avenge his indifferent and provocative character towards colleagues.



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