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By Mulengera Reporter

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has continued encouraging foreign investors to inject money in various projects, as well as seeking partnerships with charity organisations.

On Wednesday, Kadaga hosted a group of Afro-Americans who expressed interest in injecting money in various sectors of the Ugandan economy.

The investors are seeking to put billions in real estate, manufacture of medical equipment, education and social media marketing, among other areas.

According to Kadaga, the investors were ready to put between just over Shs7bn ($2m) and Shs18bn ($5m) in each of the projects.

Speaking to the investors in Kampala, she told her guests Uganda had “a conducive environment” for investment, further inviting them to tap into the East African Community (EAC) market estimated at over 300 million people.

Kadaga has previously held meetings with investors from other countries as she continues to sell Uganda as a worthwhile investment hub.

At the start of February, Kadaga hosted a delegation of investors from India. Delegation leader Deepak Khan, the Director of the Uganda-Gujarat Business Association, told Kadaga he had convinced over 200 Indians to invest in import and export business, road construction and food processing ventures.

Meanwhile, the Speaker, also Kamuli District Woman MP, also held talks with officials from DreamShare Uganda, a Canadian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The officials were led by Valerie Hill, the NGO Founder and President, DreamShare Uganda is interested in buttressing education services in the country.

The NGO’s work has already started to bear fruit, especially in Kamuli and Kaliro districts where schools such as Greenhill School in Namwendwa Subcounty have benefited.

The NGO recently fundraised about Shs30m (C$11,000) for construction of a girls’ dormitory in Namwiwa Subcounty of Kaliro District.

According to DreamShare Uganda Coordinator Yona Walya, the schools supported by the NGO had posted better results in national exams.

The Speaker praised Hill and her team for their kindness and generosity that had inspired such “ a noble effort.”



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