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By Mulengera Reporter

The Judicial Service Commission has cleared Justice Dr Joseph Murangira of the Family Division of the High Court in Kampala of bribery charges as alleged by lawyer Frank Kanduho.

Kanduho had claimed that Justice Murangira had solicited a bribe from his clients, whose file later disappeared, and were convicted for failing to scratch the judge’s back.

“You solicited a bribe of Uganda Shillings nine million to favourably handle High Court criminal case number 102 of 2005 (Uganda Vs Byansi and others) which was under your management at a criminal session you presided over,” read part of Kanduho’s complaint. “Upon refusal to give the bribe by the complainant you sentenced the accused persons to death by hanging.”

In 2008, Murangira condemned Moses Byansi and his co-accused, Jackson Kashaija, Misaki Tumuhairwe, Nathan Kirungi, George Lwali and John Rurungulu, to the gallows, and later denied their lawyers a certified copy of proceedings and judgement.

The six were then represented by Munungu, Mushabe and Company Advocates. Kanduho of Ms Kanduho and Company Advocates was reportedly supposed to deliver the cash from the former law firm to Murangira.

But in a unanimous decision reached on March 05, 2020, the Commission, chaired by Justice Benjamin Kabito, and comprising Attorney General William Byaruhanga and Justice Faith Mwonda, among others, dismissed Kanduho’s claims.

“Considering the complaint by Frank Kanduho, the defence on Record of Justice Dr Murangira Joseph, and Attorney General William Byaruhanga, and the Conduct of the Complainant, we do not find a prima facie case against Justice Murangira and accordingly dismiss the entire Case,” unanimously ruled the Commission, expressing satisfaction with Murangira’s defence.

Kanduho, a former Councillor representing the Uganda Law Society at the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), had represented himself while Muwada and Company Advocates defended Murangira before the Commission.

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