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By Isaac Wandubile

Information Minister Judith Nabakooba, who Gen Museveni recently rightly praised as intrigue-free, harmless and hardworking, will be having all Communications Managers for GoU MDAs at Kyankwanzi for a 2 weeks retreat during which they will be inducted on ideology and the 21st century way of propagating government information.

The first of its kind, the retreat begins on Sunday and more than 120 PROs and Communications Managers for GoU ministries and entities are expected to pitch camp at Kyankwanzi from where they are expected to return with renewed commitment and enthusiasm to use their respective offices to defend the government of the day-because the truth is Gen Museveni is bent at still being here and doesn’t intend to be going anywhere soon.


“They will all be expected to realign and begin to communicate for their respective MDAs in a way that engenders the manifesto promises and priorities of the NRM government as articulated in the NDP III and the President’s Manifesto. We also want to ensure they begin to communicate in a more synchronized way as opposed to each operating autonomously yet they all serve the same government,” says a source close to the organizing committee for the retreat which is the sole initiative of the Information, ICT and NG Ministry headed by the flamboyant Minister Judith Nabakooba.

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