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By Mulengera Reporters

On the night of Thursday 19th December, a group of about 20 NRM youth activists sneaked into State Lodge Nakasero where they had a meeting with an influential State House aide who closely works with the First Lady Janet Museveni. The team was led by Idily Kiiza Kamuntu and Hillary Ainesasi who these days profess to be leaders of a political network called TEAM THOROUGH YKM 2021. It comprises of mostly pro-Museveni youths (from greater Western Uganda) that previously belonged to Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward (at some point NRM Poor Youth) before getting liquidated by former IGP; Kale Kayihura into Crime Preventers network.

One of the youth leaders determined to ensure Museveni bounces back in 2021

Since defecting and denouncing JPAM long even before the 2016 polling took place, Kiiza (who at some point headed IT at JPAM campaign secretariat) has been an extremist supporter of President Museveni and in 2016 campaigns his group closely worked with people from the First Lady’s office. His defection was actually brokered by Ronald Tumwine, a former Wakiso NRM mobilizer, who Museveni had previously lured from the JPAM camp and rehabilitated him with a juicy job as one of the people heading protocol at State House. Tumwine, who Jacqueline Mbabazi loved very much, these days powerfully sits at both Entebbe State House and President’s Office at Parliamentary Buildings.

Reliable sources say that some of the Team Thorough members feel they weren’t adequately rewarded for their role in 2016 and this has put Kiiza under too much pressure with some members accusing him of taking them for granted. Some even think he personally benefited to their total exclusion and detriment. This pressure has made the former Kyambogo University student (who JPAM trusted so much to the extent of sending him to China for specialized training) restless to the extent of working hard to secure meetings with either the President or First Lady.

List showing new leadership for Team Thorough YKM 2021

So, on Thursday 19th as they entered State House Nakasero, the boys expected meeting either President or First Lady and Kiiza, who is desperate to appease them and diffuse looming rebellion within the Team Thorough ranks, encouraged them to ask for whatever they want. To their dismay, neither Museveni nor Janet was available to meet them. The female aide they met encouraged them to share their grievances promising to have them addressed. The young men, who have been very active on especially social media, tabled a long list of demands including a powerful office on Kampala Road similar to what the HE has previously done for Catherine Kusasira, Full Figure and Buchaman.

Saying they are being threatened with murder by extremist supporters of People Power, the young men casually demanded for cars, escorts or sharpshooters similar to what MPs have and personal rifles. They also put in a budget of Shs3bn which they said is what they need to intensify anti-Bobi Wine operations in Kampala and other cities between now and May 2020. The manner in which Kiiza and his deputy Ainesasi constructed the list for the State House meeting inadvertently excluded some people who consider themselves larger stakeholders in Team Thorough than many of the people who went for the meeting. On hearing money was discussed and there is a possibility that the Shs3bn windfall might come, the excluded ones became very angry and announced Kiiza’s ouster on grounds he can’t be both a civil servant working with NIRA and a leader of a politically very partisan group like Team Thorough.

He has actually since been chased from the Team Thorough mainstream offices at Kampala Road-based Vomito House with General Secretary Yosia Mugaaju denouncing him as an impostor. Mulengera News has seen correspondences showing that sections of Team Thorough leaders have since turned themselves into whistleblowers and written to Public Service suggesting that Idily Kiiza Kamuntu be severely punished for breaching public service standing orders which prohibit civil servants like him (he is generously salaried to work with NIRA as District Registration Officer) from engagement in partisan politics such as that between Museveni and his opponents for 2021.

Some of the activists subscribing to the disputed volunteers’ organization

One such letter is signed by the new Team Thorough General Secretary Yosia Mugaaju in which the NIRA Executive Director and HR are called upon to reprimand Idily Kiiza for breaching standing orders by engaging in partisan politics without first resigning his job at NIRA. In the same Mugaaju letter (copies of which are received by Janet’s office, Museveni’s Kyambogo office and Public Service Ministry), Idily Kiiza isn’t only declared unwanted anywhere in Team Thorough activities but is also accused of working with others to occasion looting and destruction of property at the Team Thorough headquarters after getting reports that the plot to oust him from being the organization’s boss was underway. The expulsion letter is widely circulated ostensibly to ensure any future efforts aimed at holding out don’t succeed.

The angry original Team Thorough leaders have gone as far as denouncing the Thursday 19th December meeting by insisting those who sneaked into State House Nakasero were Crime Preventers and remnants of NRM Poor Youth movement because their organization was never represented-and that whatever the big office will be duped to logistically give out (beyond the transport refund and Christmas package the young people got as they departed) shouldn’t be presumed to be facilitation for the genuine Team Thorough YKM 2021.

Some of the activists subscribing to the disputed volunteers’ organization

Using some of the transport refund they got from the 19th December meeting, some of the boys the following day travelled to Mbarara where they erected banners and insisted participating in the Farmers Day out at Booma Grounds where many perceived them as coming from State House. The genuine Team Thorough members, under the leadership of John Mugisha, unleashed their own agents who went around Booma telling farmers those weren’t representatives of Team Thorough meaning farmers’ leaders could only deal with them at their own peril. Subsequently a report was sent to State House exaggeratingly claiming how so many opposition youths were converted to shun Besigye and Bobi Wine in favor of the HE YK Museveni.

John Mugisha’s group has since disputed all this as sham and are seeking audience to alert the First Lady that Idily Kiiza (who some of them doubt can ever totally convert from Mbabazism) isn’t authorized or mandated to deal with State House on any matters relating to Team Thorough. They claim it’s not easy for him to totally decamp from JPAM because the man from Kanungu has always been there for him besides the fact that they both hail from there.

Yosia Mugaaju (R) is the General Secretary of Team Thorough from whose ranks Idily Kiiza Kamuntu has been excommunicated on grounds of being a civil servant barred from partisan politics

According to the Mugisha group, the new Team Through leadership comprises as follows; Mugisha John (National Coordinator), Patrick Okello (Deputy NC), Yosia Mugaaju (GS), Sophie Achan Odeng (Finance Secretary) and Bukuri Kakooza (Publicity Secretary). The committee members are Geoffrey Ndoleira, Mark Mwesigwa, Lillian Katutu, Rosette Kazaise, Adam Sankara and Ainesasi Hillary. Reason given for removal of the old team is that they are public servants working with NIRA and Edith Nakalema’s Anti-Corruption Unit of State House making them ineligible to lead a group like Team Thorough whose only mission is engagement in partisan politics aimed at ensuring Museveni bounces back in 2021. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at




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