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Businessman and property tycoon cum- politician Moses Kalungi has dissed renowned city tycoons Jack Pemba & Bryan White insisting they are nothing but fake tycoons because the source of their wealth can’t be explained. Kalungi, who likes calling himself Uganda’s Bill Gates, says the manner in which the two go splashing money in away that is clearly meant to attract showbiz is proof they are nothing but fakes. “A genuine tycoon must be propertied beyond just buying posh cars because like in Pemba’s case, how do you buy a posh car like that of mine the Bill Gates when you don’t even own a toilet in Kampala? That’s the class for us landlords whose source of wealth is known and has a clear history,” Kalungi said. He adds that real rich people like him do charity based on responsibility and genuine conviction that it’s the right thing to do. “But for them they are splashing money for showing off and they have very small bu-monies. The real rich help the real poor and not the well off celebrities simply because you want to ride on their names to get publicity. I want to see them go help the real poor or invest in things that can give the youth capital and not these things of getting the media and they capture you giving out a few coins,” Kalungi said directly referring to both White and Pemba. It appears he was uncomfortable learning that Jack Pemba is one of the few wannabe tycoons cruising cars like his in Uganda moreover with personalized names directly mimicking his posh ride which has the personalized number plate Bill Gates. Kalungi was the LC3 Chairman for Makindye Division between 2006-2011 when he was defeated by Ian Clerk who quit in 2016. Kalungi, who left when Makindye councilors were already disgusted and calling him the fake Bill Gates, in 2016 stood for Makindye Sabagabo MP Seat on the ticket of Mbabazi’s Go-Forward platform but miserably lost to current MP Sempala Kigozi. For comments, call/text/WhatsApp us on 0703164755!



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