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Kisaka receives Shs15m from Nabanja who said it was for transport refund.

By Mulengera Reporters  

Since the advent of Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu into the politics of Uganda, an impression had been created that anything to do with NUP, or even PP before it, will naturally attract media interest and attention. And that had remained the narrative until Tuesday this week when Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja Musafiri Majegere proved that there will always be an exception to the general rule.

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The politically very explosive Kakumiro Woman MP was on Tuesday the chief guest at a public function at Rubaga Division headquarters where the Parish Development Model (PDM) version for Kampala was launched. Some Ministers like Kampala’s Kyofatogabye Kabuye and Presidency’s Milly Babalanda Babiirye were present as was the KCCA ED Dorothy Kisaka.

Being the KCCA ED, Kisaka was thickly involved in the week long PDM sensitization tours.

The PDM intervention, which President Museveni says will be a game-changer in his anti-poverty fights since 1986, has attracted plenty of public excitement and euphoria because of the near free money (Shs100m) the GoU will be availing for every parish in Uganda to specifically ensure the economic emancipation of the financially vulnerable households. Constituting up 39% of the country’s households, these are basically families which only produce for the stomach and therefore remain excluded from formal money economy and economic relations.

Nabanja arrives at Rubaga.

This NRM babe was very cheerful towards big people.

Struggling to have a glimpse of Nabanja as she arrived.

Regardless of where they live, these poor people simply produce for the stomach (ekidda kyonka), a situation Gen Museveni says is unacceptable and an affront to Uganda’s ambition to become a deeply entrenched middle income country. Those borrowing the money (e.g rolex makers, katogo vendors etc) won’t require any collateral security. All one is required is to have a national ID and a letter of good conduct issued by one’s LC1 Chairperson. The repayment period is 3 years and the interest is just 6%. This means a borrower will take put the Shs1m from his Parish-based SACCO and pay it back after three years with only Shs180,000 as interest-bringing the repayable total to Shs1.18m and one won’t be required to belong to a SACCO. The PDM cash has vastly been accepted as very attractive because it will be lent to an individual representing his or her household.

Event chief convener Kisaka listens to speeches.

In absence of any alternative ways to emancipate the most vulnerable poor and urban poor out of their poverty predicament, Gen Museveni‘s PDM has potentially put the elected opposition leaders between a rock and hard place. Its increasingly becoming hard to publicity criticize the PDM intervention without antagonizing oneself with the voters many of whom are hungry, angry and poverty-stricken. This explains failure by NUP, which is the leading opposition party to so far, to come up with a coherent position guiding their members and leaders on how to interact with PDM.

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As a result, it has become a matter of individual decision-making. In Rubaga Division, all NUP leaders stayed away from the grand launching ceremony which many of their ordinary voters attended and in the process filling the entire Rubaga Division headquarters compound. In Kawempe, Makindye and Nakawa, it has been the opposite because the Mayors and Councilors (all of them NUP) are clearly on board and are busy imploring the government to even expand the allocation.

Babalanda reads out the President’s PDM message. Her flawless Luganda wowed many.

Makindye‘s Ali Nganda Mulyanyama during the Wednesday launch said the Shs2bn his Division will be getting annually should be expanded to benefit and transform more people in a short time. In Nakawa, area MP Ronald Balimwezo and Mayor Paul Mugambe were very enthusiastic during the launching ceremony which was presided over by Premier Robinah Nabanja who was accompanied by KCCA ED Dorothy Kisaka and Ministers Milly Babalanda Babiirye and Kyofatogabye Kabuye.

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The duo of Balimwezo and Mugambe suggested creation of more administrative units in Nakawa Division because some parishes like Mutungo are densely populated and have too many people compared to other parts of the country where the widely traveled Balimwezo said you have as few as 900 people comprising a whole parish.

Rubaga Speaker Musa Mbaziira took advantage of NUP leaders’ absence to shine like never before while stealing the show.


During the Rubaga PDM launching ceremony on Tuesday, NUP Councilors, whose original position was boycott, became restless on realizing many of their voters and opportunity-seeking ordinary citizens had turned up in large numbers which demonstrably overwhelmed even the organizers from the KCCA technical wing.

The restless Councilors were equally appalled seeing the large number of journalists and media cameras which came to cover the Nabanja launch. Used to the NUP story being every journalist’s first choice and preference, the NUP Rubaga Councilors got hold of placards and attempted to stage a demonstration on one end of the compound where Nabanja was speaking from.

They began rioting and trumpeting and were certainly confident the media cameras would abandon Nabanja and run after them. As it turned out, the Councilors overestimated themselves. The scribes totally ignored them and continued focusing their cameras on Nabanja, a thing that made the rampaging Councilors die in their movie.

Attentively listening.

Nabanja arrives at Rubaga.

An overjoyed Nabanja remarked (as the Councilors noise died down): “I know all you are looking for is cheap media publicity and attention which won’t help uplift your people from poverty in any way. You just want to be seen on TV but today you totally goofed because these are serious and very professional journalists who can’t be taken for granted.”

Nabanja went as far as offering to give them the microphone just to have themselves heard in case they had anything intelligible against PDM. “Kindly step forward and explain to your voters here what you are exactly opposed to under the PDM. Is it your view that this money shouldn’t come to your people who are living in poverty and badly need this intervention as you know?” As Nabanja took on the rioting NUP Councilors, some of the ordinary people in the audience equally shouted at them as the Councilors eased out of the Division headquarters one by one.

Kisaka confirms receipt of Nabanja’s Shs15m.

One elderly woman dared one of the rioting Councilors and asked: “Eeh kumbe all along you want us to die in poverty? You don’t want anyone else to lead materially better life? Its only you Councilors who should have money and live happily as we your voters languish in poverty? You are earning millions per month yet you don’t want the same government, which pays you, to provide for us.”

The ill-fated Rubaga NUP Councilor just nodded her head and walked away allowing the Nabanja event to go on as planned. Some members of the Premier’s security detail considered cracking the whip on the rampaging NUP Councilors but Nabanja, to her credit, restrained them saying that would only cultivate the sympathy, attention and media publicity which the Councilors were looking for. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at

Dorothy Kisaka oversees PDM in Kampala.

Salim Uhuru chats up Kitata, the notorious NRM cadre from Busega.

Kiwanda was cheerful as always.

Nabisere assuring everyone that Kampala is set.

Proof even young people are enthusiastic towards PDM.

She said this was her first time meeting Nabanja face to face.

Struggling to have a glimpse of Nabanja as she arrived.

The Rubaga crowd was so hugec some people had nowhere to sit.

The Rubaga crowd was so huge some people had nowhere to sit.

They came expecting Museveni only to end up seeing Nabanja.

They looked smart in white.

This NRM babe was very cheerful towards big people.




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