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By Andrew Baba

The DP Masaka leadership has accused ANT National Coordinator Gen Mugisha Muntu of conducting his nation-wide consultative meetings in a manner that amounts to encroaching on their structures to build his own. Dennis Majwala Lukanga, a local LC3 Chairman who is also a very vocal DP veteran in Masaka where he is loyal to his VP Mukasa Mbidde, says that the Masaka district party executive had to meet to decide the fate of a one Joseph Kasirye who is among the local DP leaders who have been double dealing-working for Muntu’s ANT while at the same time holding onto party offices.

The ill-fated Kasirye has been serving as Deputy General Secretary on the DP Masaka district executive besides chairing the party’s branch for Bukoto Central Constituency represented by Edward Sekandi. He is also the loyal PA running Mathias Mpuuga’s constituency office as Masaka Municipality MP. This is the very position Mbidde wants come 2021. He faults Mpuuga for being stingy and failing to materially cater for his electors in the 10 years he has served. Speaking to Mulengera News via telephone link, Lukanga said it would be irresponsible for them to merely look on as Kasirye, who he said has been accused of many things in writing, continues misleading party faithful who look up to him for guidance and inspiration. “He is not clear. When Gen Muntu comes to hold his ANT meetings, he uses the same man to mobilize for his meetings and Kasirye then uses his office as DP leader to mobilize party members to go to Muntu’s meetings which is very treacherous and unacceptable. If we tolerate such people it means even Museveni is one day going to use our own structures to conduct his NRM mobilization simply because he has the money,” Lukanga said.

He added they had remedied the situation by calling a meeting during which Kasirye’s reprimand was communicated in his presence. The meeting was chaired by Mukasa Mbidde who is the DP Chairman for Masaka and the instrument directing Kasirye to step aside was signed by both Mbidde and Jude Mbabaali who Kasirye has been deputizing. “He has been taking advantage of Mbabali being very busy to cause a lot of mischief to the party but the good thing we have given him chance to defend himself and that is how his reinstatement will be decided,” Lukanga explained. He added that besides using party structures to service Muntu’s ANT interests, Kasirye has also been accused of many things by party members including organizing DP meetings during which he invites PDP’s Dr. Abed Bwanika to demonize Norbert Mao’s leadership. He said collaborating with the likes of Kasirye, the Abed Bwanikas and others in DP Bloc had resorted “to betraying President Mao while abusing the magnanimity with which he welcomed them.”

Lukanga said the problem with Bwanika is that he wants to use the likes of Kasirye to have full access to DP structures yet he has never complied with the procedural requirements through which one becomes a DP member. “Fine Bwanika is a good orator but that is not how you join DP. He must first dissolve his PDP Party and become a full DP member otherwise there is no way he can legally belong to two parties and have leadership positions in both. Why does he come to Masaka and hold meetings with party structures without notifying us first who lead DP in this area?” wondered Lukanga whose Principal Mukasa Mbidde has continued to be attacked by the Bwanika in favor of his political nemesis Mathias Mpuuga.

Saying the aggrieved party members had petitioned NEC in Kampala which assigned the party district leadership to administer some disciplinary procedures, Lukanga said Kasirye had also been accused of taking members’ money to print for them campaign posters in Kampala which he never delivered. “He has also been accused of luring our members to sign up and join strange money schemes to which they can lose money in a fashion similar to the crypto currencies. This can’t be accepted to continue because it gives our party bad image. How do take money and people’s CDs with photos to print posters in Kampala and you don’t come back to them and expect to continue holding office in DP?” Lukanga ranted on. Majwala also faulted Kasirye for being among those excited party leaders who want to sacrifice Norbert Mao the duly elected party leader in order to prop up Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu without having any formal understanding between People Power and DP. That all such people (Mao calls them meal card politicians) are looking at is using Bobi Wine to win seats in 2021 and they don’t care where that leaves the party in the post-2021 Uganda. “It’s okay as a party we must leverage on Bobi Wine’s popularity to improve our performance at the next elections but that must be structured properly because you can’t just go to Kyagulanyi as individuals without recognizing that Mao is the leader of DP that can potentially partner with PP to permanently alter the political calculus of Uganda come 2021,” Lukanga clarified. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at   



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