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By Andrew Baba

Flavia Sharon Nantambi, popularly known by her stage name Flash Love, has taken the music industry by storm since she made that tough decision to jump from theatre into music. And when Mulengera NewsAndrew Baba recently sat down with the diva, she opened up on why she ditched drama for music, matters of the heart, family, politics and more. Below are the excerpts.

QUESTION: Can you please tell us who Flash Love is?

ANSWER: Flash Love is Flavia Sharon Nantambi, born some good years back in Wobulenzi, Luweero District.

QN: Why did you choose Flash Love for your stage name?

ANS: First of all, the name Flavia has some ‘Flash’ in it. I also have love in me; I need to love and to be loved just like any other person. That’s basically the reason for the choice of my stage name.

QN:  Your extraordinary talent would definitely give you membership in any music group in the country, why then did you choose to go it solo?

ANS:  I had been raised by the very best group in the country, The Ebonies; so, I felt I had seen it all and wanted to try out a new challenge.

QN:  Do you ever miss The Ebonies and regret your choice of leaving the group?

ANS:  Not even once. Right from the start, I knew this is what I wanted and even when things seemed harder at the start, I knew it was the road I had to take to get to where I wanted to be.

QN:  You have plenty of captivating love melodies. Why do all your projects revolve around Love?

ANS:  Like I said, I am a lovebird myself, which reflects in the music I do. Sometimes, it gets hard for you to hide what you are. I just find myself doing what I do.

QN:  Could you please share with us the message you wanted to convey to your fans in your new song titled Byabulijjo?

ANS:  It was referring to the different ways people express their love. There are those who overdo it. I was thus trying to tell them that sometimes the things you brag about in public do not make news to other people. They are the usual things that others see every other day.

QN:  Are there some people you would wish to appreciate for their contribution towards your journey right from the day you started up to where you are today?

ANS:  Oh God! There are quite a number of them but I am particularly grateful to The Ebonies because that’s where everything started. Mr Hamza Mwanje, Mr Mugwanya of Buganda Royal, Jovan Luzinda who wrote my song called Kyesuubo, and Don Vybs Ug, who wrote Njabbiraalasa, all TV and radio presenters who play my music. And most importantly, the Kasarob Management. Here I won’t give any explanations, but it’s the label I am signed under.

QN:  Which challenges have you encountered as an upcoming artiste and what’s your advice to new artistes struggling to get to the top?

ANS:  Things were hard before Kasarob Music came in. Presenters wouldn’t play my music even when they promised they would. One presenter lashed at me one time, telling me joining music was the worst decision I had ever taken; that I should have remained with The Ebonies. I was almost giving up but it was just around the same time that I got a new management that has catapulted me this far. For upcoming artistes, discipline, hard work, resilience, focus and God should be the basic ingredients besides talent. With these, you will definitely get there.

QN:  Let us briefly talk about your dress code? Why do you usually dress up in long outfits yet you have a body that would endear you more to your fans if more of it was exposed?

ANS:  I am a Christian who has grown up with parents who emphasize virtues more than anything else. Even when I do secular music, it must be the kind of songs which a parent can comfortably play in the sitting room when their children are present.

QN:  Any local musicians that have inspired and influenced you?

ANS:  Rema Namakula and Pastor Wilson Bugembe.

QN:  Where do you see yourself in the next five years from now?

ANS:  A very big artiste and a big concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

QN: We have of late witnessed an influx of artistes into politics. Should we expect you to join the ‘dirty game’ some time in future?

ANS:  I don’t know a thing about politics. How I wish I could say yes. But I won’t lie, I don’t belong there.

QN:  Who were your best artistes for the year 2019?

ANS:  Rema Namakula and Pastor Bugembe.

QN:  Away from music, are you in a relationship?

ANS:  Actually I should plan to get into one sometime in the near future. My fans will definitely be the first ones to know when something pops up.

QN:  Any special relationship with Jovan Luzinda of Da Nu Eagles?

ANS:  Yeah, definitely. He is a good friend of mine. I told you he wrote my first song Kyesuubo and has also been there to guide me countless times; I can’t thank him enough. But beyond friendship, I doubt there is any special relationship between us.

QN:  Many celebrities find it hard to make their relationships work out. What do you think could be the problem?

ANS:  I don’t think you are right to suggest so. I know of some celebrity couples, such as Irene Namatovu and Geofrey Lutaaya, whose marriages have stood the test of time. It would be ideal to choose your best friend, and build that link over time before you decide on formalities. It would also be proper to find someone from the same industry. They may not necessarily be artistes but someone that wouldn’t misunderstand you just because of failure to understand what you do as an artiste.

QN: Any relationship lessons you picked from your parents?

ANS:  Patience, faithfulness, forgiveness and perseverance.




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