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By Mulengera Reporters

As we have previously reported on this news website, City Hall the headquarters of KCCA is one government establishment were intrigue is at its highest and matters have been made worse by the impending rolling of heads out of the very lucrative City Authority employment at the end of this month.

As Mulengera News previously reported, at the instigation of Public Service Commission, many senior and middle level managers have to leave so that the restructuring that has been ongoing can take effect. As a result, clique-formation and backstabbing has been the order of the day as members of powerful cliques plot against each other. The technical wing, headed by Eng Andrew Kitaka, has been most affected and the approach from the Erias Lukwago-led political wing has been to indifferently watch as the technocrats roll themselves in the mud.

It’s the desire to fix old foes that saw some powerful figures at City Hall recently move to use the ongoing Covid19 operation to demonize and fix the innocents including Prossy Nakate, a PA to the Director Public Health at KCCA. Nakate was among those who enjoyed the protection of Jennifer Musisi when she was still ED because onetime her transgressions were reported to the IGG and aggrieved insiders acting as whistle blowers, hoped she would at least be interdicted which never happened. Instead Musisi protectively relocated her to another Directorate on grounds that haters would harm her in the old directorate. Some tried to hijack the PSC processes and get rid of her but she proved too determined to be silenced. They even tried to demote her with a deployment of being an attendant in the KCCA public library but she assertively refused saying this was injustice.

Some of her supporters instead compiled info and volunteered it to IGG and PSC implicating some people in very terrible things. This didn’t go down well with those who have always been out to get her into problems. So when the Covid19 operations escalated and MoH situated one of its sample collection centers at KCCA, her pursuers who are way more superior than her got the opportunity to pay back. Covid19 results were falsified and her name smuggled in to create an impression that Nakate had tested positive and this was used as ground to subject her to inappropriate Coronavirus treatment at Mulago Hospital. See related story

But her contacts, including KCCA workmates who had been close to her in the preceding days and family members at home, were all tested but none tested positive. Neither did they manifest any symptoms. They were tested a 2nd time and it still was negative. This prompted Nakate’s husband Olel, a powerful member of the Ugandan private sector, to reach out to Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng protesting what he called malicious targeting of his wife by hateful superiors at KCCA. Aceng was appalled and reported the matter to the President who cleared her suggestion to verify all the results relating to KCCA employees.

“It was then discovered there was even no such name of anybody testing positive in the national database of people whose samples were ever taken for purposes of COVID19. It has since been discovered it was all about intrigue at KCCA because none of these cases were truly positive and what is more disturbing is the fact that there was never anyone called Proscovia Nakate that ever tested positive anywhere in Uganda,” says a deeply knowledgeable source from the Ministry of Health. The source adds that, speaking with extreme bitterness, Olel had vowed to sue government to atone the stigma his wife Nakate and entire family have continued to endure as a result of that malicious Covid19 confinement. “But HE the President calmed them down saying he will find some way to compensate them to save Uganda the bad international publicity that can potentially arise from such court processes relating to falsification of results.” More details later.

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