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By Mulengera Reporters

A recently authored political intelligence report prepared for the President by ISO painted a very intriguing picture for the ruling party in relation to 2026 elections especially at the Presidential level. The authors candidly stated it is simply not going to be possible for any ruling party Presidential Candidate to defeat NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (aka Bobi Wine) in a free and fair elections.

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The report asserted that the young people, who are responsible for the close to 4m votes Bobi Wine got in 2021 inspite off all the adversity and restrictions he faced, are simply too many and easily outnumber any other voting age group that could still be having genuine sympathies and love for the NRM and Musevenism. The report rightly indicated that in 2026, the number of pro-Kyagulanyi voters will have more than doubled in all parts of Uganda making it impossible for any ruling party Candidate to overcome Bobi Wine in the ballot box.

That as of 2026, the Kyagulanyi political momentum will have more than doubled as opposed to diminishing. Sources say that the intelligence report also reflected on the 2020 Court ruling which directed the EC to ensure that prison inmates and Diaspora Ugandans, among whom Kyagulanyi has more support than any other Ugandan political figure, begin participating in voting because the same is dictated by Constitutional provisions relating to franchise powers.

The report authors also engaged in some scenario-building, according to sources who are familiar with the report’s contents. That it would be easier for NRM to remain a ruling party if the veteran leader Gen YK Museveni is fronted once again than fronting new entrant Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who is his son and Commander of the army’s land forces.

The dossier indicated that it will be much harder for a politically not very experienced new comer like Gen Muhoozi to prevail against the Kyagulanyi momentum than for Gen Museveni. That whereas the ruling party will have to invest in rigging and crude violence to secure a win either for Museveni or his son, it would be easier for the millions of pro-Kyagulanyi youths to tolerate a Museveni continuation than the crowning of his son Gen Muhoozi to begin afresh.

That since they are used to being brutalized to preserve the pro-Museveni status quo, the young people will be more likely to once again let go so that Gen Museveni cruises into 2031 than tolerating the Muhoozi coronation to usher in a somewhat new dispensation. The proposal then became that Gen Museveni prepares to seek reelection in 2026 and prepare to govern for as long as it will take for his son Gen MK to get adequately prepared for the Presidential task.

This is why some key Museveni strategists are looking at leveraging on the Constitutional Amendment Bill which the Executive will soon be sponsoring through Parliament. The referenced leveraging relates to suggestions that the Presidential term be extended to 7 years so that by the time Gen completes the post-2026 term, his son Gen MK will have had ample time to prepare himself for the task ahead.

Knowledgeable sources have revealed that it was agreed that the clandestine constitution or establishment of the MK committees continues as certainty, regarding who between him and his father Gen Museveni will run for the NRM in 2026, gets established. There are also concerns that some of the soon retiring UPDF Generals are going home with an egg on their faces and they are more likely to tolerate a post-2026 Museveni in State House than a Muhoozi Presidency.

This has pushed many Museveni strategists to conclude that the country and post-2026 Uganda is safer with Gen Museveni bouncing back at State House than having a new President in his son Gen MK. They are also reflecting on how it ended in tears for some of the Crown Princes African strongmen had chosen and anointed to be their successors-namely in  Gadafy‘s Libya and Hassan Mubarak‘s Egypt. “Even in ancient African societies, the King’s cabinet members always directed hostilities at the Crowd Prince,” said one of the sources we spoke to for this article.

Sources add that Gen Museveni wants the upcoming Constitutional Amendment process to be as inclusive of the opposition forces as possible which is why the political and electoral reforms then Shadow AG Wilfred Niwagaba had tabled during the 10th Parliament are going to be revisited and considered for adoption. Some of the Niwagaba proposals are going to be adopted and carried along to make the opposition feel appreciated, respected and accommodated. The Museveni strategists believe this is the best way to reciprocate the restraint, decoram and decency which current LoP Mathias Mpuuga has led the opposition forces in Parliament thus far.

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Another source says that the Constitutional Amendment bill might carry something about the Parliamentary System of governance under which the very hostile population could be avoided and circumvented so that Parliament elects the next President for the country. This would enable the fatigued NRM bosses to avoid facing the angry population of young people trying to market their Presidential Candidate-whoever that will be.

The other very important proposal that key Museveni strategists are considering relates to Uganda beginning to have a Presidential Candidate with a running mate the way it’s done in Kenya and other countries. Sources have revealed to Mulengera News that it’s going to be a very comprehensive Constitutional Amendment package which will require a more versatile and eloquent Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs than the current Muruli Mukasa can manage.

That it’s very likely by that time, a person of Abdul Katuntu‘s eloquence and clarity of words will be occupying the office of Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs so that the responsibility to marshal through the complex Constitutional amendments falls on his shoulders.

We are told that the inclusion of the AG Kiwanuka Kiryowa in Team Chairman, which has been spearheading the MK Birthday parties across the country, was deliberate and on purpose regarding what is turning out to be a very complex transition or even succession equation for the ruling NRM.


Fairly knowledgeable sources have told Mulengera News that the MPs are expected to use the Shs40m that had to be availed to cater for all, including opposition ones, to go to the population and interact with key opinion leaders and shapers, including their 2021 campaign structure, to test the popularity of the idea of a Muhoozi Presidency in the post-2026 Uganda.

Officially, the money (which didn’t come from Parliament or any of its leaders) will subsequently be rationalized to the population as facilitation to enable legislators amplify the Parish Development Model but the same community outreach mobilization program is destined to be used to kill two birds with one stone; popularize PDM while gauging the opinion about the ISO reporting findings regarding the suitability of fronting Gen MK for Presidency as early as 2026. This is what our sources called ratifying ISO’s findings regarding the Kyagulanyi strength in relation to the NRM desire to continue winning the Presidency beyond 2026.

Sources say that one of the less conspicuous leaders at Parliament is the one who marketed the idea of getting the MPs involved in validating ISO’s findings by availing them with Shs40m as facilitation to go and face their angry campaign structures comprising of campaigners they had abandoned already after getting elected in 2021, due to financial constraints. Sources further reveal that the same Parliament-based leader closely worked with Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja (the two are very good friends) to market the idea of the Shs40m facilitation to among other things get the MPs involved in validating or contradicting ISO’s findings regarding the ruling party’s desire to remain at the helm beyond 2026.

Sources further say that it was considered desirable and prudent to have the upcoming Constitutional amendments preceded by a countrywide tour by MPs who wouldn’t have readily been willing to go face the hungry and therefore angry voters and opinion leaders without the Shs40m reinforcement.

Some of the MPs, speaking anonymously as quoted by Wednesday Daily monitor, spoke of informally receiving the controversial Shs40m for what they were told was the “unspecified purpose.” Some MPs like NUP‘s Dr. Twaha Kagabo (Bukoto South), Stephen Serubula (Lugazi Municipality) and Charles Tebandeke (Bbaale County) have since confirmed to have received the money whose purpose and source have so far officially remained undisclosed (their party wants them to return the money to wherever they received it from).

Director Communications & Public Affairs at Parliament Chris Obore has consistently denied the legislature being the source of the money while imploring those having adequate information about it to detail the IGG so that the matter can be inquired into for the truth to be ascertained. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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