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By Mulengera Reporters

Whereas all the appointees for positions of Permanent Secretary and accounting officers, whose posting was proclaimed by Gen Museveni on Thursday night are supposed to go through Parliamentary vetting, the President rang some people that very Thursday night and insisted he was sick and tired of Jane Kibirige to the extent that her successor Adolf Mwesige must take over office immediately for the planned graft investigations to commence.

“The big man wants an inquiry into some of the transactions and procurement decisions that took place in Kibirige’s last months and years in that office and the same is going to be thoroughly investigated and very quickly. Very soon the country will know what the H.E. meant when he used the word retired in public interest,” says a well-placed source close to H.E.

Ordinarily a fired PS must be, as a matter of prudent practice, permitted reasonable time to clear his or her desk and properly hand over to their successor. That is what Kibirige, who in early 2010s was fished from Mbarara University where she was academic registrar, expected at the very minimum. “However, this morning phone calls came from above demanding that she must hand over immediately and the big man was clear: I don’t want that funny woman in that office by 12pm [Friday].” Indeed, that is what happened because as early as 10am, the intellectually very sophisticated Mwesige dramatically showed up clearly communicating he had been directed to take over office-and immediately as opposed to waiting for next week. “H.E fears there might be interference with documents relating to some of the things he wants that woman to be investigated about. He is clearly disappointed and furious about the intel he has lately been receiving about her.”

Sources have intimated to Mulengera News that some of the things that angered Gen Museveni to become so intolerant with the technocrat from Wakiso related to the circumstances under which herself, as accounting officer, committed Parliament to the renting of Kingdom Building to serve as additional office space for some of the MPs at a cost of Shs800m per month. The very imposing building, overlooking the media center, stands on the location which used to house Shimon Demonstration School which in 2006/7 was controversially demolished ostensibly to enable an Arab investor erect there a 5 star hotel to accommodate Chogm meeting guests.

It has largely been empty and the coming on board of Parliament must have been perceived or seen as a God-sent opportunity by the current owners. Gen Museveni is reportedly very furious the decision to take up that office space, while costing the taxpayer Shs800m per month, was taken without his input or consent. And he wants Jane Kibirige, the accounting officer he always thought was very naïve, to pay a heavy price for that omission.

The other matter aggrieving Gen Museveni relates to the circumstances surrounding the Roko contract for the construction of the Parliamentary Building extension and enlargement whose execution is clearly behind schedule. There is a lot Gen Museveni wants Kibirige to explain regarding this failure by the contractor to deliver the job on time. Had they delivered the job on time, Shs800m per month to acquire additional office space for MPs would potential have been avoided. The soft-spoken Kibirige is also accused to have curiously remained close and loyal to former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who last May was acrimoniously defeated for the Speakership office in an operation that was orchestrated and proudly coordinated by Gen YK Museveni.

“Those who have been trailing her have repeatedly reported that she remains loyal and dedicated to Rebecca Kadaga to the extent that the two consult from time to time. That naturally made her the least wanted person in the new leadership hierarchy Mzee wants to have at Parliament in the post-Kadaga era.” That because Gen Museveni and generally State House want total loyalty and a whole new relationship with Parliament, having endured years of Kadaga’s combativeness and unpredictability, even the Sargent-at-Arms will soon be out of the job and this is something Mr. Ahmed Kagoye is already getting plenty of premonition about.

Sources say Gen Museveni was equally furious after getting reports pointing him at the need to inquire into the circumstances why Parliament had to expend money hiring National Theatre to provide additional parking space for MPs after billions had earlier on been spent constructing underground parking at the Parliamentary Buildings. “All these things are going to be inquired into besides claims that there was equally a lot of impropriety in the way service providers were procured for the week-long festivities relating to the new MPs’ swearing-in ceremony. There are claims that many of the service providers weren’t properly procured and that there was a lot of conflict of interest as some of the deals went to firms affiliated to some of the influential officials at Parliament as an institution,” says a source adding that even the management of the servicing of the salary loans legislators take from commercial banks will equally be inquired into because some of the lenders recently had some audience and volunteered some controversial information all of which the big man from Rwakitura wants to be inquired into to enable his blue eyed boy Adolf Mwesige to start on a clean page.

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