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By Mulengera Reporters

In his capacity as Commissioner for Disaster Management, Martin Owor was designated to head all procurements related to COVID food relief which the President directed the OPM to avail for the benefit of the urban poor (more than 1.5m of them) living in Kampala and Wakiso. According to Kampala Metropolitan Affairs Minister Betty Amongi, whose whistle blowing (See
resulted into the President directing Col Edith Nakalema to move in, the intervention also carters for public hospitals in Kampala and orphanages.


This property belongs to wealthy OPM Commissioner Martin Owor

From what we now know, in execution of this COVID-related role, Owor committed transgressions that resulted into his dramatic arrested on Thursday along with OPM PS Christine Kintu Guwatudde, Accounting Officer/Under Secretary Joel Wanjala and Assistant Commissioner for Procurement Fred Lutimba. The four, whose matter Nakalema has since referred to CIID’s AIP Bernard Ochaya & SP Jackson Tweheyo for further investigations, are accused of inflating prices for the relief items and more specifically posho and beans. That, having turned their back on suppliers quoting lower prices, they ended up issuing LPOs in favor of more expensive providers. In the end, the GoU lost Shs4bn that would have been saved. This was just a small fraction of the entire procurement that had to eventually be made for the beans and posho required to feed the needy.

A conference guest enjoying a meal at Martin Owor’s Hoima Resort

And this is how it happened; Nakalema says that they committed government to pay Shs3,900 per kg of maize/posho as opposed to Shs2,500. And that for beans, they bought from suppliers charging Shs4,500 per kg as opposed to Shs4,000. Thus an extra of Shs900 per kg was paid for maize and Shs500 per kg for beans. For beans, in total they ordered for 9,030,000kgs and 635,000kgs for beans. This was just 5% of the entire quantity government intended to subsequently buy to feed it’s 1.5m residents of Wakiso and Kampala who are considered financially vulnerable and therefore incapable of feeding themselves through this COVID lockdown period. Just imagine how much njawulo would be made by the time food for the entire 1.5m had been bought. Sources say that Gen Museveni is already worried of where to get the money to run the government and more so the 2021 campaigns and can therefore not tolerate government losing even a coin in this period of uncertainty.

Cottage gardens for Mr. Martin Owor’s Hoima Resort

Reliable sources have further intimated to Mulengera News that the ongoing receipt of relief funds from the public and private sector companies, headed by Karooro Okurut and Dorothy Kisaka, is another that is closely being scrutinized and should anything go wrong, regarding financial impropriety, Karoro and others involved could spend the rest of their lives in Luzira.

Away from the Nakalema investigations and the arraignment of the implicated OPM officials, Mulengera News has become privy to information painting Martin Owor as a very wealthy civil servant. He owns swanky properties in different parts of the country especially Hoima. He is the owner of Hoima Resort, a leading recreation facility in Bunyoro sub region. He also has a commercial farm in Hoima, which is one of the best and most lucrative in Bunyoro sub region. Owor also is the owner of Kijungu Hill Hotel in Hoima. Sources have indicated that, because of the petroleum activities, Hoima has been attracting lots of travellers making the hotel and hospitality industry to thrive there. And of the 5 most luxurious hotels in the town, three of them are Martin Owor’s.


This is how vast the Martin Owor recreation facilities in Hoima are

These cottages too are for Martin Owor

This swanky property also belongs to Martin Owor

Mulengera News has established that the shrewd Martin Owor first fellow in love with Hoima as a compelling investment destination while working there as Deputy CAO under Patrick Isingoma (now working with the EAC Secretariat in Arusha). He related well with people in the area and made friends-despite being alien. However, he developed irreconcilable differences with his boss Isingoma and left the sub region in total acrimony. This was after Isingoma sought to demote him to Sub County Chief position. He protested and left working in the local governments.

Hoima Resort facility is Martin Owor’s too

He subsequently, landed a job with UNHCR whereafter he found his way into OPM where he was initially implicated in the Kazinda saga only to get exonerated along the way. While working in Hoima, Owor (who has another spouse) got involved with Omubiito lady who he later on abandoned.

Hoima Resort was inaugurated by Bunyoro King

So even from away, he always had some natural connection with Hoima and when he eventually became rich as a big man working in OPM, Hoima was one of the priority places he considered for investment. “He always believes investing in a place where you aren’t born is the best thing because those people in a foreign land won’t envy you like your own people would,” says a friend who is well-versed with Owor’s way of doing things. In Hoima, his recreation facilities are preferred for a number of reasons including having amenities, like swimming pools, which the others don’t have. He also cashes in a lot on government conferences because his conference and lodging facilities on top of pricing are considered very competitive. See more in pictures.

Martin Owor’s other property representing expansion phase for his Hoima Resort



One of the beds inside Owor’s Kijungu hill Hotel in Hoima

Another view of Martin Owor’s Hoima Resort


Photo of one of the party after party customers that staff recently took and posted at one of the social media platforms for Martin Owor’s resort business

The vastness of Martin Owor’s recreation facilities in Hoima

Martin Owor believes in grand things and money has never been his problem

The interior of one of Martin Owor’s hotels

This swanky property also belongs to Martin Owor

The interior of one of Martin Owor’s hotels

This is how Martin Owor’s Hoima hotel is being advertised resulting into many gov’t conference participants, travellers andtourists being attracted there

Signpost for Martin Owor’s Resort Hoima.                                                                                                                     

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