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By Mulengera Reporters

MP Judith Babirye must have been born beautiful but unlucky especially in matters of marriage. Fellow MP Paul Musoke Sebulime, to whom she provocatively got married on 28th July last year at a lavish wedding attended by VP Sekandi, has filed for divorce (under Divorce Cause 97/2019) at the Makindye-based Family Division of the High Court. The case (that has been allocated to Justice Olive Karazarwe Mukaye) was secretly filed by reclusive Sebulime months ago and the hearing date is soon to be fixed.

Sebulime’s supporters want DNA for the new baby boy claiming Judith Babirye was (besides him) secretly seeing a wealthy city businessman creating doubts as to the paternity of the new baby boy she delivered in the US a few days ago

In his Divorce petition Sebulime makes it clear he doesn’t want any ruling by court as regards marital property. All he wants is the dissolution of the marriage on grounds that his right to bonk has for long been violated as Babirye spent much of the time they lived together depriving him of chance to play sex with her. In legal terms this technically is called “denial of conjugal rights” which simply implies deprivation of company and sex.

At the trial, which will most likely be in camera should mediation fail, Sebulime will have the opportunity to corroborate his claims regarding denial of conjugal rights resulting into sex starvation which friends say condemned him to a miserable life prompting him to make a U-turn reuniting with his wife for 8 years Rukia Ntale with whom he has three children including twins. Its in the interest of both to have in-camera proceedings because lots of dirty secrets could come out leading to demonization and thereby further complicating their minimal reelection chances in 2021.

Babirye, who besides being Buikwe Woman also has the responsibility of being Senior Pastor for Makindye-based New Life Deliverance Church, last June fled their matrimonial home at Kyaliwajjala-Lukadde barely a year into their marriage that was widely publicized with many bashing Sebulime for abandoning Rukia. Before officially moving in with Sebulime, who she started secretly dating during the 2016 campaigns, Babirye successfully petitioned the same Makindye court to grant her permission to divorce first husband businessman Samuel Niiwo (and father of her daughter) with whom she had separated and lived apart from since 2009. The two had wedded on 12th March 2005 at Ps Robert Kayanja’s Rubaga Miracle Center Church.

She accused Niiwo of a number of things including extreme acts of violence claiming he would often beat her like a cobra snake in the confines of their house. She also accused him of being adulterous and negligently failing or refusing to materially provide for the many children he sired with numerous concubines. Because he was sick and tired of her complicated character, Niiwo didn’t bother putting up a spirited defense against the divorce petition. In the end Court granted it and Babirye was also granted custody of their only daughter.

Judith Babirye choking Mr. Paul Musoke Sebulime with love on their wedding day June last year

While encouraging Sebulime to overlook those who were criticizing her for abandoning his Nalongo Rukia, Babirye said at their lavish wedding ceremony in Makindye Division on 28th July 2018 that; “Baby Paul Musoke Sebulime lets do this neera neera because he who finds a woman finds a good thing and you have found exactly that in me.” She then promised to shower him with love and lots of sex in ways that would make Jesus marvel. Yet now barely a year into the new marriage Sebulime says he is sick and tired of her to the extent he wants his secretive divorce petition granted as fast as possible.

In justifying Babirye’s running away from their Kyaliwajala home, some close friends say there was a plot to sacrifice her. Her 75-year-old father Henry Mukooza Isabirye, a resident of Nyenga in Njeru Municipality, has no kinds words for Sebulime whom he says has always been an indifferent and very respectful son-in-law. To the old man, this divorce petition will be nothing but good riddance.

According to close pals, the sexually-starved Sebulime is totally denying being the father of the baby boy Judith Babirye delivered a few days ago in the USA where she has secretly lived since June this year having been authorized by the Speaker Kadaga to go and seek medical attention to save her from the poison she claims she was fed on by people she thought were well-meaning and close to her. Sebulime’s friends claim the new baby boy must have been fathered by a city tycoon and businessman Babirye is alleged to have been seeing secretly while officially married to Sebulime. That this secretive relationship was on even before Sebulime got the guts to walk her down the isle and that it carried on even after officially moving in with him. Watch this space for more updates. (And for comments, call/text/whatsapp us on 0200900416 or email us at 

Judith Babirye (right) was a key entertainer for Gen Kale Kayihura for the years he powerfully served as Uganda’s IGP. He liked her “ndi survivor” lyrics because it reflected his woes orchestrated by the many enemies he had in government. He grew more fond of the song when Jacqueline Mbabazi opened war on him



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