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By Mulengera Reporters

Sulaiman Kidandala has this Saturday morning addressed the media and vowed to carry on with his activities as Organizing Secretary (OS) of DP. He was responding to the proceedings and outcomes at the DP NEC meeting that sat on Friday at new Party headquarters in Nakulabye where he was suspended for antagonizing his boss Norbert Mao regarding the ongoing grassroot elections in the party. As OS, Kidandala says it’s his job to oversee the electing of grass root leaders for the party but because they are uncomfortable with his support for Bobi Wine, Mao loyalists at City House have been sidelining him on top of starving him of financial logistics to do his work.

The ongoing renewal of grass root structures is meant to culminate into electing national delegates that will on 30th March converge in Gulu to elect the next party President Secretary General and National Chairman among others. And there are fears Mao wants to retain his seat serving 3rd term and those who are for him fear that the Kindadalas want to produce delegates that will vote out Mao and bring in someone that will be a yes man for Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu. Recently, Mao issued a public statement calling on party members to shun the green party registration forms in favor of the ones which are white in color. The green ones are issued by Kidandala and the white ones by SG Gerald Siranda who many say is a proxy for Norbert Mao. It’s against this background that the Maoists used the Friday NEC meeting to purge Kidandala out of the party.

But Kidandala now says he is still in charge because the manner in which the Maoists ousted him wasn’t proper and is alien to DP Constitution. That the meeting that ousted him occurred past 10pm and that members were intimidated through the huge deployment of the military that Maoists brought in. Kidandala also says his support for Bobi Wine, which he suspects is the reason Maoists hate him, is in fulfillment of the party’s well-stated position. “Honorable Babirye Kabanda moved a motion in NEC which declared Hon Kyagulanyi the person DP must work with and that’s why I’m in People Power serving the interests of my party DP,” Kidandala asserted.



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