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By Mulengera Reporters

 At a time she is ideally expected to be going underground and becoming incognito, Beatrice Kayanja, the bubbly babe the divorced DP President Norbert Mao is accused to have snatched from her London-based husband, has taken to social media urging the father of her four children, Martin Kayanja, to back off and give her time to concentrate on the anti-Museveni struggle. See related story

This Saturday afternoon, this is what she posted in response to his viral video cursing Mao: “Tuli mu struggle munyumya mbozi za malwa na Jerome! Mbatidde.” This attracted social media users who are sympathetic to Mr. Kayanja to caution and counsel her to reconsider rejoining her husband and children in UK before it gets too late. Being one not to go down without a fight, Beatrice began responding to them one by one.

Replying to a one Kyagulanyi Kabanda, she implied her husband might have been manipulated using money to begin saying things aimed at demonizing Mao in order to demoralize the broader struggle against Gen Museveni. In another response, she protested why her husband had to go to the media overlooking all the other channels through which things could have been deescalated.

Another comment-maker Andrew Ddamba focused her on the fact that her children require motherly care and a clearly very unrepentant Beatrice responded by referring to the kids’ respective ages: as 24, 22, 19 & 11. When another comment-maker David Blick Mutyaba urged her to return to her marriage, Beatrice instantly told him off with “send your sister [there]” clearly implying she is irretrievably done with Martin Kayanja even when she still carries his name. Ronnie K Hector posted “Mao va kumuno” and Beatrice responded with “tuli mu struggle oleta bibozi.”

In reference to those who were encouraging her trying to sanitize and legitimize her elopement act as normal and okay, one social media user advised Beatrice to be careful not to be misled by fellow women (of older age using pseudo names on social media) who are indifferent because their marriages too previously failed meaning they have no moral authority to advise her on the best way forward.

Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro Osyo

Kyagulanyi Kabanda Yes tuli mu struggle but family comes first, there’s no way you can survive in this struggle without the backup of your immediate family.

Mwannyinaze welimba,ssoka eddeyo oteleze ensoga zamaaka.

Author Bea Kay Kyagulanyi Kabanda if I told you this come as a shock.. politics is dirty and with love for money decent people are going crazy

Kyagulanyi Kabanda Bea Kay I don’t think it’s politics as you like to put it, your husband was raising genuine concerns, go back,talk to him and sort out your issues, we’ve seen successful women politicians,but with the backing and support of their husbands. the likes of matembe,Byanyima, Amelia Kyambadde etc etc

Bettinah Nalunkuma

Aya basiiiiii

Mutaasa Aggrey Junior Kyagulanyi Kabanda remove Amelia kyambadde

Walusimbi Frank How:I wish everyone knew this lady is made of , steel,if they knew what kind of Mayor she would have been and the big heart she has for mankind they would be a little empathetic to her.

Prossy Boona Walusimbi Frank ,nze I don’t know her personally but I can just tell that she is a woman of substance.

Ricky Mahn Odyek 2020 is a tricky year am doing it in a Roba daba style…… Surprises… Exceptional…. Your lucky santa-claus is talking to you

Princess Mwiza Merry Christmas. I love you the woman of steel

Prossy Boona Wama nange bambulize my sister? Struggle ettuwuba ate mbu love,this one is cheating on that one, Jerome bamukute ne mama Bella,who honestly has time for such nga atte tuli mu struggle?

Newman Parma Lunno olutalo lwa #Freedom telugyakugwa kati.

Moses Kigenyi Tell them

Aniku Benson Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

Doreen Diana Umwalilove your attitude.

Halima Yahya bakuleke wamma mr yeffude crying baby

Yasmin Mohammed Ruparelia Embozzi za Jerome

Bainomugisa Jacob Tell them!!!!!

Andrew Ddamba Daayo mu ddya ofumbe; abaana betaaga nyaabwe

Author Bea Kay Andrew Ddamba a 24 years old, a 22, 19, 11?? Andrew Merry Christmas

Andrew Ddamba Eno gaali Hero ekozeeko, ne Mao bwatwalaa tewali sida, wamma oli wa bintu byo

EK Kamagara Hahahahahahahahah nice one

Wadimba Isaac Mao Kakukalakate akwelabize nabaana bo

Slay Farmer

Cocux DE Saint Tumbiza sound

Sams Kaggwa Malokweza Hahahahahah

Patrick Kateihwaho Aluuta

Quiet Stom


Ronnie K Hector Mao va kumuno

Author Bea Kay Ronnie K Hector Tuli my struggle oleta bibozi

Ronnie K Hector Bea Kay

Ronnie K Hector Anyway Merry Christmas

Author Bea Kay Ronnie K Hector thank you

Quiet Stom Chei…..

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