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By Joel Mugabi

Following weeks of rumors regarding his alleged deteriorating health condition, Uganda Police Force (UPF) Chief Martins Okoth Ochola has today appeared in public and addressed officers at Naguru in Kampala.

IGP Ochola was last seen in public a few months ago. He even missed the final sendoff of his former Deputy Lt Gen Paul Lokech who suddenly died last month. Then Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said the police chief’s blood pressure had shot up after he learnt of the shocking demise of his deputy Lokech.

Days ago, Enanga issued a statement dismissing reports that the IGP was critically ill. The police spokesperson made it clear Ochola was not sick as rumored but had been doing his work throughout the month of September.

And today, the police boss presided over the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Directorate of Police Health Services at Police Headquarters at Naguru in Kampala. Here, he delivered his remarks before opening the AGM, which was held under the theme ‘Improving and Standardising Health Service Delivery in Uganda Police Force (UPF) through strengthening Human Resource.’

In his statement, Ochola said the meeting was an important step in dealing with the challenges faced by the Directorate “because it is only through such fora that officers have the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss how the Directorate or Institution can achieve its Mission and Vision.”

He also saluted health workers for their hard work and commitment, particularly during the challenging Covid19 pandemic. “You have been our frontline force and have risked your own health to save the lives of our enforcement officers and other Ugandans through health education, sanitization/disinfection, vaccination campaigns and treatment of Covid19 victims. One other important attribute was that you were available to offer technical advice to allay fears and myths about Corona virus especially in the early days of the disease,” he said.

The IGP went on to note that the Police Health Services unit has benefited the police community through its customized health care services such as evacuation of officers and family members during accidents, visiting patients at home and in hospitals and attending to officers and families at all police clinics at no cost. He further praised the unit for provision of vital medico-legal services where police health centres and doctors examine suspects, injured persons, victims of Gender Based Violence and perform postmortems.

But Ochola warned police medical officers against corruption. “The Police management is grateful and we have a lot of trust in you as our own medical staff regarding discipline, honesty and ethics among others given that almost all of you are police officers,” noted the police boss. “Therefore, high levels of integrity are still required in the execution of your daily work since your professional call involves saving lives of people or making key decisions.  Consequently, as Police health workers, you should never exhibit any corrupt tendencies.”

He also revealed plans to recruit more health workers in the current financial year, purchase more ambulances to improve on the current fleet, construct a police general hospital at Nsambya Barracks and establish a police clinic at every Police District or at major police stations. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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