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By Mulengera Reporters

Panic has this Tuesday morning escalated among staff at the EC headquarters after operatives from the Inspectorate of Government (IG) raided the offices and demanded access to confidential files relating to former EC Secretary Sam Rwakojo era multi-billion procurement and expenditure decisions.

Sources at the electoral body say that the operatives carried away the documents they wanted making it clear this would aid their preliminary investigations that continue to be underway at the electoral commission. What makes things very complicated for the impugned EC bosses is the fact the whistle blower behind the IGG probe is none other than President YK Museveni himself.

And here is how we got here. A few months ago, some well placed insiders became disgruntled with the Rwakojo era administration and they luckily got audience with Gen Museveni. During the first meeting, they verbally alleged many things implicating top EC technical management officials that had accumulated unexplainable wealth.

Gen Museveni was appalled during that first meeting that took place in Kisozi. Like he always does, he demanded for hard proof implicating the named officials some of whom have since been herded out of office.

On the subsequent meeting the whistle blowers, having secured special permission from the HE, carried evidence in form of documents and pictures to corraborate their claims. Whereas pictures showed nice houses and huge farms the implicated officials own in Kampala and surrounding districts, the documents highlighted internal trail of documents requistitioning for and approving release of money in hundreds of millions.

They explained how this cash would eventually be shared. At the subsequent meetings, the whistle blowers illustrated to Gen Museveni how there was so much wastage of financial respurces to the extent that the electoral body could do with less than half of the budget Parliament had appropriated ostensibly to facilitate the 2021 general elections. By the time he was done with his last meeting with the whistle blowers (whom he has since allocated elite escorts), Gen Museveni had a huge file of confidential documents highlighting all the controversial procurement and financial deals at the Rwakojo era EC.

It’s this file that he based on to prompt EC Chairman Simon Byabakama to get some of the powerful EC officials out of office to pave way for the new era at the Jinja road-based Commission. But saying he is too busy and not technical enough to be able to conduct conclusive verificational investigations, Gen Museveni passed on the same file to the IG whose operatives had been receiving such whistle blower information without doing much. He was clear in his whistle blowing; the IG should conduct comprehensive investigations and ensure the criminal liability of the concerned officers is established for subsequent prosecution in courts of law.

Sources also say that Museveni became so resentful towards EC bosses that not even the relentless pleading by his immediate former PPS Molly Kamukama (who was his PPS until January) could move him into pardoning anyone at the EC. Herself a former EC employee, Kamukama tried to plead for the affected officials but the man from Rwakitura maintained his no and that is how we got where we are with the EC saga

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