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By Mulengera Reporters

Jose Chameleon, whose application to carry the flag for Lord Mayorship was rejected by the NUP EMC in favor of Latif Sebaggala, has vowed to politically neutralize both Erias Lukwago and Latif Sebaggala who he says is too useless to deserve anyone’s vote. In a recorded message, Chameleon says he realized a Kiwaani was about to be pulled on him when he appeared before the NUP voting committee.  Inside the vetting room, NUP electoral commissioners were shocked when Chameleon failed to produce his national ID claiming he had returned it to NIRA for some editing on his names. He also couldn’t satisfactorily explain discrepancies in his A’level certificate. Some members demanded for his O’level certificate for proper authentication which too wasn’t readily available.  Instead he started grumbling saying he knew some of them were biased against him in favor of long-serving Latif Sebaggala who he says is too elderly to deserve any vote.


Chameleon says he started voting for Latif when he was 19 years old and has since grown to 41 years now making it shameful for his political grandfather to be competing with him. He says Lukwago and Latif have had their time holding public office and should prepare to retire with Gen Museveni in 2021. “My brother Bobi Wine it’s up to you if you have chosen to front such elderly politicians; as for me I’m not giving them any chance anymore,” says Chameleon vowing to remain in the race and fight on as a PP-leaning independent as Latif carries the flag. He cautions Kyagulanyi to save himself the disgrace of fronting a man who is simply unelectable anymore. “He has been MP Kawempe North for all these years and there isn’t anything he has done for Kawempe.” As for Lukwago, Chameleon (whose alienation could embolden his guarantors in DP Bloc to bell the cat and begin firing directly at Bobi Wine) says “he was MP Kampala Central for 5 years and now Lord Mayor for 10 years making them 15: what new thing can he promise the people which he hasn’t done?”

That the right thing to do for the generational cause would be giving the NUP flag to him and not Latif whose only claim to fame and qualification for the seat is the fact that his brother Nasser Sebaggala was Mayor before. To further justify his bid against Latif, whose sister-in-law Nabillah Nagayi is also in the race, Chameleon says Ugandans have musically supported him for too long and standing for Lord Mayorship is his way of reciprocating such support. Besides predicting that Bobi Wine will regret his mistake of throwing his weight behind such a very unelectable politician like Latif, Chameleon says he has high name recognition because even a newly born baby knows who he is.

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