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By Mulengera Reporters

Ex-Makindye East MP Mike Mabikke has this Sunday morning appeared on Bilal fm where he vehemently denied quitting NUP as was portrayed on social media Saturday. That his Facebook account was hacked into by people who posted fake news indicating he had decamped and returned to DP. He said the hackers are being hunted and will be prosecuted for their criminal act. Mabikke, who joined NUP under the DP bloc arrangement, has vowed to stay on in NUP as he prepares to bell the cat and fight for his rights should Museveni-like dictatorship manifest. “We are fighting Museveni because of dictatorship and we shall fight the same in NUP as soon as it manifests,” he said on the show where he appeared with Ken Lukyamuzi, Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi and Moses Luttu Mukasa of NRM.


Mabikke said Bobi Wine was in the Kibalama-induced problems because he rejected a free offer he made to him to join his SDP party and become its Party President. That even Abed Bwanika offered his PDP but the man from Magere declined that too. That even DP offered to amend its Constitution splitting the office of Party President from that of flag bearer so that Mao remains PP and Kyagulanyi becomes Presidential flag bearer but Bobi Wine declined preferring to be both PP and presidential candidate. This naturally frightened Mao and the deal was put off the table. “We were shocked when he opted to go for Mr. Moses Kibalama’s very obscure party and that is why we are facing all this anxiety,” said Mabikke adding he continues to receive phone calls from many very scared intending candidates.


He said as for Makindye East, he knows that the Mercy Walukamba-Elections Management Committee scored him 98% in terms of prudently answering their questions and 99% in terms of being the strongest aspirant on the ground. “I wait to see how anybody alters those results and give the flag to someone else. I will fight whoever tries to do that and any other manifestation of dictatorship the moment I begin seeing any in NUP,” vowed Mabikke saying this was to put Kamwokya on notice. That it’s legitimate for anyone to raise a red flag, bell the cat and fight dictatorship in any political party. Mabikke said that to ensure people don’t miss out on the EC nominations beginning tomorrow on Monday, NUP should write to the EC seeking some temporary guidance. He urged fellow aspirants to remain prepared to run as independents under the Kyagulanyi wave in case efforts to deregister NUP succeed.


Ken Lukyamuzi advised Kyagulanyi & Co to consider seeking remedy in the Constitutional Court since time doesn’t seem to be on their side. Kateregga said NUP was in problems because of over centralization of power in Kyagulanyi who is ideally supposed to be seeking advice from veterans like Mabikke and others. That fearing to be overshadowed must have pushed Kyagulanyi to avoid Mabikke’s SDP and Bwanika’s PDP in favor of Kibalama’s NURP which has now become a problem. Luttu Mukasa advised Kyagulanyi to consider resolving his current political problems politically as opposed to over relying on lawyers who have no problem expensively being in court for another 3 years battling to achieve an end or a result that can be obtained through political engagement more cheaply and in a shorter time. Mao was of the same view during the last Thursday Frontline program on NBS TV where Joel Senyonyi showed extreme contempt for his views.

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