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Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has hit back at Uganda Medical Association (UMA) leaders, including Dr Richard Idro, its president, for punching holes in her announcement that a new disinfectant that kills the Covid-19 Coronavirus would hit the market soon.

On Monday, Kadaga told MPs, she had teamed up with American inventor Prof Sarfaraz K Niaz and Mathias Magoola of DEI Group in Luzira to manufacture a hand spray that instantly obliterates the deadly virus that has killed over 6,000 lives worldwide. (See: KADAGA: WE’LL BRING DISINFECTANT WHICH INSTANTLY KILLS CORONAVIRUS TO UGANDA NEXT WEEK).

But in a statement issued Tuesday, UMA’s Dr Idro ‘watered down’ Kadaga’s disinfectant, saying it was a far cry from a Coronavirus cure or vaccine.

“Any unevidenced claim of a treatment or cure without due scientific evidence and corroboration by a competent institution mandated to regulate medicines is not only incorrect, gives false hope but may also be dangerous,” said Idro, adding only the National Drug Authority (NDA) had the power to approve or disapprove medicines.

“From what we understand, whatever was purported as a treatment, cure or vaccine is actually a disinfectant meant for external body use.”

But hours after Idro’s hard-hitting statement, Kadaga fired back at UMA during Tuesday’s plenary, questioning the intellect of the association’s leaders.

“I thought UMA had brains. They would have come to me and said ‘we heard you talk about this; can you tell us what it is,” she said.

“I hope these three doctors [relaying UMA’s position on Kadaga’s disinfectant] will have the courtesy to apologize for their statement. I really think they should have had the courtesy to check with me.”

In the statement, Idro also suggested that Kadaga was dealing with “quack” experts.

“We express particular displeasure about the quack cadre scientists who desire to misinform the leadership of our country,” further read the statement in part.

On this, the head of the legislative arm of government said: “I don’t deal with quacks. The Professor is not a quack and the Speaker is not a quack.”

While it is common knowledge that a vaccine or cure for the viral disease will not hit the market in less than 18 months, Kadaga insisted DEI, Magoola’s company, would “be able to produce world class medicines” with the help of Niaz who is already assisting in the firm’s design, construction and validation. (See: INSIDE PROF MATHIAS MAGOOLA’S PROJECT ‘CURING COVID-19 VIRUS’).

Uganda is yet to confirm any Coronavirus case although four of her neighbors – DR Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania – have patients.

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