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By Mulengera Reporters


President Museveni has this Thursday evening commended Butchaman and Full Figure for enabling him defeat Bobi Wine in his own ghettos of Kampala. Speaking to CEC members, Gen Museveni said the results of the Monday youth elections have clearly indicated that his governing NRM owns the ghettos and not PP/NUP as the media had implied.

He equally thanked Lucy Nakyobe for promptly funding all his interventions aimed at galvanizing NRM support in the ghettos while elevating and transforming the poor who live there.

Museveni referenced on the Kampala results where NRM captured 411 out of the 817 youth positions that were being competed for. Whereas 129 seats were won by independents, 277 seats went to a group categorized as “others” to imply Bobi’s NUP, FDC, DP and other parties.

Gen Museveni said he had always been the man of the ghetto whose members he said first emerged in the central region as a result of the political sectarianism and exclusionism that was being propagated by the Kabaka Yekka party.

Museveni, who didn’t directly refer to Bobi Wine only making veiled references, said the ghetto has always been here except that the name by which its characterized is what has always kept changing. He said in the 1960s, the same group was called abawejjere (the poorest) headed by a Ssabawejjere.


He recalled working with people like Abbas Kibaazo, Bakari and others to lead the ghetto of the 1960s that was epi-centered in Katwe. He said his heart has always been with the ghetto people except that his good intentions had always been thwarted by an elite clique within the NRM whose sabotage he said won’t tolerated anymore.

Museveni also thanked the team at Kyadondo, led by SG Kasule Lumumba, for their hard work that had enabled NRM equally do well in elections for the elderly and PWDs.

He said the whole country had 59,000 positions to be competed for and filled for youth elections of which 47,000 (79%) went to the NRM and 15% to independents; leaving Bobi’s NUP and other parties to share the remaining 6%.

Museveni also had no kind words for the Vision Group’s Bukedde TV which he accused for teaming up with the rest of the media to portray the situation as if NRM had been defeated by PP/NUP in the youths elections. He demanded that the Vision Group owns up and apologizes for their misinformation (as he called it).

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