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Veteran politician Jaberi Bidandi Ssali says he politically doesn’t “see much” in Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu & his People Power Movement efforts to overcome President Museveni. In an interview with State-owned New Vision, Bidandi says whereas Bobi must be respected for his ability to charm and get millions of young people behind him, he doesn’t “think his popularity should cause any worry.” He adds that: “Elections in this country are a mockery. There is no way elections can be free and fair.” He says he looks at Kyagulanyi “like other politicians who have risen & faded from time to time.” However, Bidandi sounds unconvincing in the same interview when he says he despises PPM for it’s “politics of agitation” as opposed to calmly building structures and preparing people for a new government that can calmly carry on after Museveni (all these are his words). Where then is the contradiction making Bidandi logically unbelievable? He founded his PPP party and for 15 years now concentrated on building party structures which never delivered a single MP or even Councilor for PPP which he initially claimed would-be a model political party for others to reference on. In fact he says he got tired of politics and eventually left the party to the younger blood who he doesn’t even name in the interview. “I left politics and I don’t even ever go to the PPP offices,” he tells the interviewer Jeff Andrew Lule. Bidandi who praises President Museveni for achieving many things,I accuses opposition parties of failing to have structures as if his own PPP is any different. He creates an impression his own PPP isn’t obliged to have structures and mobilize Ugandans to have regime change which he implies in the same interview is long over due. He says to defeat Museveni (whom he says is very smart), People Power supporters must think and act like Museveni and generally do things the way he does them. The old man from Kiwatule, who in 2003 fell out with Museveni for opposing his 3rd term, now confesses Museveni is invincible because he is always ahead of his opponents. He also depends Museveni against those who say he should name his successor. Bidandi says the Constitution is clear how Uganda gets new Presidents. He implies that’s through free and fair regular elections which he says is an ideal absent in Uganda in the same interview. The 81 year old veteran politician also gives his views on KCCA & Jennifer Musisi’s sudden decision to quit.



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