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By Mulengera Reporters

 A few weeks ago, controversial city tycoon SK Mbuga stormed the office of new KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka. He was here to protest the conduct of the uncompromising KCCA physical planners, led by Joseph Balikuddembe and Anna Achom, who had insisted on blocking his construction site in Buziga Hill. This is on a plot that is adjacent to another building housing his STV studios and headquarters in the same Buziga neighborhood.

The workaholic Kisaka, who any Kampalan can see without any prior appointment, reluctantly agreed to see him saying “we are here to serve the public and these are your offices.” Mbuga’s builders had completed the ground floor of the building and the entire thing was dug out by KCCA enforcement officers at the prompting of the very uncompromising Balikuddembe. Initially, Mbuga’s bodyguards tried putting up a fight and for hours caged Balikuddembe and his men inside another Mbuga complex nearby. The Mbuga vehicles were used to block the KCCA team to ensure none of them leaves.

The KCCA team had a few policemen who engaged in exchange of gun fire with Mbuga’s bodyguards who had actually overpowered the KCCA entourage until reinforcement came from KCCA headquarters. Some KCCA planners, who are friendly to Mbuga, tried to plead with Balikuddembe’s team members to let the tycoon be but all this fell on deaf ears. In fact, the KCCA enforcement and planning officers escalated things further by preferring criminal charges against SK Mbuga. They prepared a criminal file charging him with erecting illegal developments without KCCA approval and obstructing officers on duty.

The Resident State Attorney officed at City Hall/KCCA prepared to have him prosecuted but things curiously changed when SK Mbuga appealed directly to the DPP headquarters at Workers House from where orders came controversially directing the closing of the entire criminal prosecution file. Even after that frustration by the DPP headquarters, the Balikuddembe group charged with blocking unauthorized building construction Makindye Division didn’t relent. They went as far as insisting this was an illegal construction site and they insisted on reviewing the circumstances under which Mbuga had previously erected three other buildings; one in Makindye Lukuli’s Kiwempe village and two in Buziga. The Lukuli one is a three storied building and the KCCA planners and enforcement team members insisted on pulling it down notwithstanding endless pleading by KCCA workmates assigned to other Divisions.

On seeing the determination and ruthlessness with which Balikuddembe’s group was acting, Mbuga’s handlers worked out a blackmail strategy. Thee tycoon himself stormed the ED’s office protesting lack of professionalism by the Balikuddembe group. He also accused them of trying to extort money from him so that they allow him to carry on with his Buziga construction. Dorothy Kisaka offered a willing ear and a table-banging SK Mbuga claimed he even had audio recordings to prove his extortionist claims.

SK Mbuga tries to block KCCA officers away from his disputed construction site in Buziga

Kisaka said “thank you very much” and demanded to listen to the recording. Mbuga scanned through his very expensive smart phone but couldn’t find any recording. After several minutes he played one but Kisaka was dissatisfied because the person talking in the audio was a male voice yet SK Mbuga had assured her there is a junior KCCA lady engineer/planner who the Balikuddembes were using to ask for money. “I have given you a lot of time Mr. SK Mbuga. I think my patience has run out. Let me do some work because your claims don’t add up,” Kisaka said as she signaled her security bodyguards to flush out the flamboyant tycoon from Buziga. What has made authorities at City Hall even more paranoid are the reports they keep getting that the controversial tycoon has since restarted construction works at the very Buziga Hill site which the Balikuddembe teams had shut down as unauthorized.

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