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Justice Remy Kasule last week suddenly felt unwell before subsequently collapsing as he moved out of his official car on arrival at the Court of Appeal for work. Feeling difficulty in his leg, Kasule wailed and he struggled with the sudden paid. He then fell onto the ground prompting his driver and body guard to secure a lead car with which they rushed him to Nsambya Hospital. On arrival at Nsambya, which he likes very much because it’s owned by his Catholic Church, the medics instructed nurses to give Kasule a massage thinking it was muscle pull. Kasule’s situation only worsened and on carrying out some quick scans on him it was recommended to rush him to Prof Bwogi Kanyerezi’s Kololo-based Kampala hospital for better management. On getting the news, Kasule’s brother Owek Robert Sebunya (also a Presidential Advisor on Buganda) rushed to Kampala Hospital from where he reached out to his old friend Prof Francis Omaswa who is one of the most experienced medical specialists this country has. Gratefully, Omaswa arrived within a very short time when medical sources say Kasule was just minutes away from succumbing to the fast-escalating blood condition. It was him who quickly established that Kasule was suffering from a fast-worsening blood condition called phlebitis which causes severe clotting of the blood around the lower parts of the leg (it’s a condition former President suffered when still President and had to be treated in Germany). Indeed the very painful small swelling in Kasule’s leg was rapidly moving from the foot towards the heart and Omaswa’s intervention and the medicines he administered managed to intercept the clotting around the waist area as it moved upwards towards the heart and lungs. “The medicines he administered diluted the clotting back to normal and Kasule’s pain stopped instantly otherwise he was to die in just minutes if that clotting hand found its way to the heart area,” says a well briefed family source. Omaswa assured the family that was all and that Kasule would now be well and indeed the next day the man from Kyengera was in court carrying on with his judgment-writing errands. But many are still in shock as to how life can be very unpredictable sometimes because nobody ever expected such a condition to ever manifest in the life of Justice Remy Kasule who is very athletic and always goes jogging from his Muyenga home to Kansanga and back. The family is now very grateful to Prof Omaswa for saving the old man’s life and they are even more grateful to Owek Sebunya who had very good rapport with him while working as the head of Uganda Heart Foundation which worked very closely with Uganda Heart Institute at a time Prof Omaswa was its director. Indeed Omaswa is a prolific specialist whose expertise on heart-related conditions is often sought even by State House in case there are any major emergencies to be attended to.



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