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By Mulengera Reporters


NUP selection triggers fresh fight. Screamed a news headline in Saturday Vision (of today 3rd October 2020). Authored by Umaru Kashaka, who is supposed to be a profoundly very prolific political writer, the story highlighted ways in which several flag bearer ship rejects’ refusal to accept their fate has resulted into turmoil for the nascent political party.

Reporting about such potential turmoil was the most prudent thing to do because of the very complicated contradictions that manifested as those rejected protested the final decision handed down by the Mercy Walukamba-led Elections Management Committee (EMC). However, the story had very glaring mistakes over which the editor ought to ideally issue an apology to manifest courteousy and respect for the reading public.

A few examples will sufficiently illustrate and drive the point home. On the front page, the newspaper (for instance) carried pictures of Mohammed Segirinya and Suleiman Kidandala Sserwadda and presented them (with captions) as NUP aspirants for Kawempe South MP seat. The very notorious truth regarding this is that the duo has been battling for Kawempe North currently represented by Latif Sebaggala (area MP since 2001). The authors also quoted (verbatim) Segirinya pronouncing himself as an aspirant for Kawempe South (whereas not).

This is how the country’s leading newspaper reported before proceeding to quote Segirinya verbatim: “In Kawempe South, where the seat is currently occupied by FDC strongman Mubarak Munyagwa, the race for NUP ticket is between Kawempe Division Lord Councilor Muhammad Segirinya and former Deputy Lord Mayor Sulaiman Kidandala.” This was followed with a quote from Segirinya. “I’m in this struggle for the flag as a winner, not a loser. People in Kawempe South are only waiting for me to be declared flag bearer,” Segirinya is quoted to have said.

Now here is what it is: Segirinya was either misquoted, not properly listened to or is personally not yet sure as to which Kawempe constituency he wants to represent. These (not so uncommon) mistakes have since emboldened PP/NUP supporters to use their individual social media platforms to mock the state-owned newspaper whose coverage they have always misconstrued as being hostile to their man Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.



Many of the PP/NUP supporters have insisted that the state media must do much better than this and keep setting the pace and standards on which the rest of the industry can/should be measured. And we think they are right because the Vision Group has adequate human & financial (and even in terms of time) resources to do much better than this.

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