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By Mulengera Reporters


Away from the Kirunda Kivejinja on-camera chaos which saw the Deputy Prime Minister struggle to address heckling mourners, Hajji Abbey Walusimbi (a key official in NRM) is another Musevenist who (behind the scenes) suffered the unprecedented humiliation at the burial of Al-Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala who was sent off in Kisaasi on Sunday.


Walusimbi, who belongs to Ffumbe clan just like Sebaggala, is the man through whom Gen Museveni delivered a Shs10m condolence contribution to enable the family feed mourners among other expenses. Whereas the family was unanimous in cheerfully accepting the Shs10m, sharp divisions emerged as to whether he should be allowed to address mourners delivering Gen Museveni’s written message that was supplementary to the GoU official one proclaimed by Kirunda Kivejinja.

Led by ex-Minister Syda Bbumba, majority family members agreed it was okay for Walusimbi to read out the President’s message only for chaos to ensue during the preparatory family meeting where Latif Sebaggala led a small faction that vigorously opposed the idea. Perhaps fearing political reprisals from mourners, majority of whom were NUP supporters and therefore anti-Museveni, Latif argued that allowing Walusimbi to speak would be an act of betrayal to the late Seya and gave his very strong reasons.

Latif argued that when Seya got arrested in the US in 1998 after being found in possession of fake travelers’ cheques (Bichupuli), Abbey Walusimbi was one of the key spies the Museveni State House used to deliver very implicating evidence resulting into Seya’s conviction and loss of the Kampala Mayoral Seat.

Credible family sources say that Latif Sebaggala went as far as threatening to boycott the burial ceremony if traitor Walusimbi was ever allowed to address mourners because, in his view, that would amount to being given a platform to dance on the grave of someone he never wished well during his life time.

Latif claimed that beyond the travelers’ cheques conviction, Walusimbi continued spying on Seya each time he travelled to America. That Walusimbi, who lives there, would frequently visit Seya in prison pretending to be a well-intentioned brother yet in actual sense he was on a spying mission. Hajji Walusimbi was those days a key community leader in Boston and even offered to stand surety for Seya during his criminal trial in Boston.

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