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By Mulengera Reporters

Sometime back, some of the daughters belonging to city tycoon Karim Hirji’s deceased wife raised plenty of dust protesting mismanagement and misappropriation of their late mother’s estate relating to prime land ownership.  

They approached media and many offices in a bid to get justice and protection against Karim, the very powerful veteran city tycoon, they had been complaining against. They tendered all sorts of documentation to corroborate their claim against the otherwise very generous city tycoon. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is among those they petitioned anticipating generous help because she is renowned for being very passionate about the girl child and general injustices afflicting the women.

She was initially enthusiastic and expressed willingness to help but along the way, she became lukewarm and too busy to intervene by causing a parliamentary inquiry into the dispute in order to call Karim Hirji to order as the petitioners had expected. In the end, the vulnerable orphaned ladies became disappointed because their initial anticipation was that this was a done deal once the incorruptible and uncompromisable Kadaga signaled readiness to help.  

However, they ended up very disappointed as up to this day, many months later, the swift intervention they anticipated hasn’t taken place and their efforts to get follow up attention from the Speaker haven’t yielded. The Karim orphans’ agony is one of the instances the Jacob Oulanyah campaigners are referencing upon to portray the Kamuli Woman MP as uncaring and inconsiderate despite coming off as very sensitive to matters relating to maltreatment of fellow women.

Some of the Karim haters are big powerful political, security, intelligence and business actors. And the orphans’ inability to secure the anticipated help from the head of the legislature has equally aggrieved such powerful actors who actually continue to use the orphans to antagonize and fight proxy wars with Karim Hirji. Such powerful actors have resorted to revenging Kadaga’s unhelpfulness by throwing their financial weight behind the Jacob Oulanyah bid (albeit very clandestinely). And being the ambitious politician he is, Oulanyah has promised to prioritize helping such vulnerable orphans against powerful and very aggressive tycoons like Karim Hirji the moment he secures victory to become Speaker of the 11th Parliament. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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