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At the end of his marriage, Mc Kats struggled to see the good that was out there. He was weary all the time with loss of appetite on top of deep-thinking from trying to make his marriage work. The next after 5 shows were the most emotional episodes to its viewers.  Tears strutted in Kats’ eyes, his attitude towards the world had changed. He put on the I don’t care attitude although his old broken heart killed the smiles on his face.  In attempt to make his marriage work at any cost, Kats even made the worst mistakes in his life.

Due to depression, Kats confessed that after his marriage break up, he almost committed suicide. He was mad that after six years of hard work as manager to Fille, he was left with nothing except her social media platforms. The way his beautiful marriage ended, with humiliation, embarrassment and resentfulness, made him think no one loved him but thank god he had good friends around him who were able to give him hope and comfort.

Just to make his point clear, He once bumped onto stage while Fille was performing at Vegas to explain himself but instead lost it by trying to attribute Fille’s success to his efforts. This move made Fille’s fans think he is trying to destroy her music career. He later apologized and blamed it on his short temper.

Kats also posted a video of him in suspecting mood with one slay queen who went unrecognized multiple times.Perhaps, in an attempt to show Fille he could settle with a younger, fresh and more beautiful female whenever he wanted but the heart wants what it wants.

This flooded a couple of feminists and female celebrities such as Judith Hard to castigate Kats over his relationship with a mystery slay queen. After a series of events, Kats admitted to his faults by making a public apology and also   compiled Fille’s pictures and attached a romantic song dedicated to her, a song entitled Mata by his latest signed Heyz Ug. This got a couple of celebrities like Karma Iven, Douglas begging for forgiveness on his behalf although ladies said Kats has got to do more than that to win Fille back.

After the break up, Fille made it more dramatic when she released a heart-feeling dis-track ‘ex’ a song written by Sheena Skies which she dedicated to Kampala’s event lion. She exposed all the lies Katamba had said to her and promising never to turn back.

MC Kats with Fille Mutoni before love became sour

By this time, MC Kats believed it was over and had to see the good out there. It’s been 2 months and Kats may feel sincere gratitude and appreciates whatever his marriage taught him.


The idea of the king of the mic was brought up during this period when Kats felt lonely and that nobody loved him.  MC Kats further explained that the idea was brought by his co-host Douglas Lwanga during a counselling session as a test to prove to Kats that people out there loved him.

Having won this title that no one else has in Africa kats posted amazing messages on his social media platforms such as “Wanna thank you for saving my life @lindahlisa n @douglaslwanga , The world may never know but between Nov 2018 n Feb 2019 I had lost me. At a time when everything in me had died, At a time my body had no strength to move, For checking on me if I had eaten slept or well. For the outings, For making me love me. The idea of King Of The Mic was this night just to show me I was loved.


After the break up, Kats finally decided to open up a record label which he called Kats music. Under this record label, Heyz Ug was his first signing and with songs such as Mata, that has already enjoyed massive airplay.

Before, MC Kats would have mutual agreements with artists and at times do things for the love of the game he says. But after his breakup, he realized with all connections in the music industry or the entertainment business, he could start up a record label to avoid the previous scenario with Fille.


They say the goofiest people have the most trouble to deal with and we pray it is not the situation with Kats. The hype and energy on his social media insinuate that he realized he is more capable than he thought before. The courage to start up a record label and organizing the first MC event was magnificent.

The love he received from the key players as well as Ugandans was over whelming and this was when the suicidal thoughts disappeared. MC Kats is one of a few to have received love from people unlike Mowzy Radio (RIP) whose talent was appreciated after he passed away. For comments, call or text us on 0704215260.




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