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By Mulengera Reporters

Gen Museveni must be regretting why he didn’t use the January 2020 Delegates Conference at Namboole to get party delegates rubber stamp the February 2019 CEC resolution declaring him sole candidate and flag bearer for the ruling party in 2021. Before the January delegate’s conference, CEC and Parliamentary caucus members had endorsed Museveni (in April 2019 during their Kyankwanzi retreat) as sole candidate for 2021 meaning nobody from within NRM should dare stand against him for the flag bearer gig. But that resolution requires ratification by thousands of party delegates in a gathering called the national delegates conference.

Both party organs’ [namely the delegates’ conference and National Executive Committee (NEC)] members met in January this very year but desire to avoid being predictable caused Gen Museveni to shy away from tabling the issue of his ratification as the ruling party’s sole candidate. He must have believed time was on his side; so delegates discussed and passed resolutions on other things including altering the Party constitution to abolish secret ballot in favor of the lining up system but organizers skipped this issue of flag bearer. The dilemma now for the ruling party is that technically, there is no flag bearer for President because whatever CEC members initiated during the February 2019 during their retreat in Murchison Falls National Park’s Chobe Safari Lodge requires being ratified by members at the delegates’ conference which now can’t be appropriately convened because of the COVID19-related restrictions.

So, in the last so many meetings CEC members have been holding in the past two weeks, a number of ideas have been mooted on how to circumvent COVID restrictions and have the Museveni flag bearership ratified without breaching any of the anti-COVID measures relating to public gatherings. One of the ideas being mooted is to convene meetings of fewer persons at the parish level where the Museveni endorsement can be procured from across the country so that the members of NEC and delegates conference are enabled to participate in the decision as is required under the NRM constitution.

But there must be a proclamation to which the delegates have to collectively respond while assembled in one place evidencing their ratification of Museveni’s flag bearership. Once procured, this proclamation is what the ruling party SG Kasule Lumumba must use for authorization to present Gen Museveni to the EC as the dully agreed upon flag bearer for NRM for the electoral body to nominate him. This and other pending issues are some of the things CEC members will further deliberate upon when they converge again on Wednesday at Entebbe State House (See related reporting on this ruling party dilemma

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