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By Gilbert Mwesigye

In his 13 years as Presidential Press Secretary, Tamale Mirundi mastered the art of crudely abusing and attacking people than any of his predecessors had ever done. But even after his sacking in July 2015 from the coveted position of Press Secretary to the President, Mirundi continued ensuring those he didn’t like suffered his verbal wrath-and a lot of it. In this news feature, we reflect on those who Mirundi has consistently battled while reconciling with some (turning into their praise singer albeit under very curious circumstances).

In fact, that’s how Mirundi has made his name over the years with very few of his victims having even guts to drag him to court. There is a lot he says, that would ordinarily be considered as breaching broadcasting standards set and enforced by UCC, but he always gets away with it simply because he is Mirundi (and the regulator never does anything about it). Some of the sufferers of his wrath over the years have included the following (but there are also people he suddenly reconciled with and doesn’t attack them anymore and we briefly begin with those:



Since becoming KCCA ED in 2011, Musisi became Mirundi’s punching bug. It was initially claimed Mirundi was pleasing his mentor Amelia Kyambadde who envied Museveni’s public praises of Musisi. That is one. The other is that Mirundi lost out big time when UTODA was kicked out of the taxi business from which they used to generate billions, converting some of it into huge khaki envelopes that were daily given out to influential government officials. Mirundi would claim to have operated more than 10 taxis which he lost out when Musisi brought buses. Mirundi would say Musisi is working for Mbabazi and Sam Kutesa to bring down Museveni. He would say Musisi is anti-poor. At some point, Musisi had been advised to organize a monthly retainer of 22m as facilitation for Mirundi to speak for KCCA. Later the deal cracked when the likes of Mwenda argued Mirundi must (free of charge) speak for KCCA since it was part of the Presidency. In one rant, which many saw as hitting below the belt, Mirundi dismissed Musisi as “this ugly woman who can’t even arouse any man.” He always incited mob justice against her. She must have eaten her chicken in July 2015 when Gen Museveni fired Mirundi and replaced him with Don Wanyama. But ironically, today Mirundi no longer attacks Musisi anymore and actually says all her mistakes should be blamed on the mafias that were using her. She therefore qualifies to be on the list of the heroes Mirundi no longer attacks.


When still Permanent Secretary for OPM, Bigirimana suffered Mirundi’s attacks almost daily on radio talk shows. Mirundi would say: “These are thieves. Why do they steal government money and expect us to defend them as if we don’t like money ourselves?” He was saying Bigirimana, who was fighting off the Kazinda scandal, should carry his cross. However, claiming to have obtained new information which he initially lacked, Mirundi made a U-turn and became Bigirimana’s most outspoken defender. In the end, he even wrote a book curiously praising Bigirimana, almost declaring him Mr. Clean.  This sudden change of position left more questions than answers amongst Mirundi’s listeners up to this day.


When Gen Museveni appointed her Deputy IGG, Mirundi was there to demonize her claiming it’s the Mafias that had brought her. It was even worse for Wangadya because she was appointed to take the position Mirundi’s close friend Andrew Munanura had tried but failed to take after MPs refused to clear his appointment. Wangadya, initially a great admirer of Mirundi because of the eloquence with which he defends President Museveni, sent emissaries including a top commissioner in OPM but Mirundi was unrelenting. In fact he intensified his attacks prompting ISO to write a brief to Mzee who called Mirundi and ordered him to back off. Since that time, Mirundi never attacked the light-skinned Museveni cadre from Bugisu. 


When she became Government Chief Whip in Parliament, Mirundi went on rampage. He would attack her everyday claiming, without elaborating with proof, how Mafias had brought her to that office. However, after months of sustained character-assassination, Mirundi curiously made a U-turn which remains unexplained up to this day. He these days defends Lumumba only falling shot of branding her an angel. He has even authored books showing she is very clean, hardworking and only resented by Mafia actors in the ruling NRM party whose names he never discloses. He one time claimed Lumumba was a victim of intrigue fermented by Richard Todwong and Tanga Odoi.



The ex-Fufa president for long suffered Mirundi’s wrath as he always blamed Uganda’s footballing failure to go far on Mulindwa’s personal bad luck and misfortune. He also accused the FUFA leadership for not adequately accounting for money realized in Namboole gate collections during international matches. Things only changed after several meetings took place and Mirundi made a surprising U-turn all of a sudden started defending Mulindwa. He even wrote a pamphlet praising Mulindwa whom he had previously bashed for running down football. Some thought the idea was to scare Mulindwa off the Mawokota North MP Seat of Amelia Kyambadde who was claimed to have desired to uproot on the ticket of DP.


The duo recorded a song and video sometime back entitled “Tamale Mirundi” in which they predicted Mirundi’s downfall. It went viral on YouTube but Mirundi abused them saying they are drug addicts who shouldn’t waste people’s time.  The duo finally had the last laugh when Gen Museveni in July 2015 fired Mirundi but their jubilations were short lived as Mirundi never relented in bashing them as paupers on public media even after losing the State House job.


The former VP/Busiro North MP suffered Mirundi’s attacks even when he was still the country’s number 2. Mirundi, who sources say was working to appease his longtime friend Wavamunno who has never forgiven Bukenya for denying him the Chogm deal, said the former VP was only good at bonking other people’s wives. He would say the medicine professor has Ngalabi (empty drum) instead of brains and that has remained his view of the medical professor from Kakiri/Lwantama up to this day.   


The Katikkiro has suffered Mirundi’s wrath more than any other person. Mirundi has been alleging all sorts of things against him including calling him a traitor to Baganda. Mirundi one time claimed Katikkiro got money from Kenya’s Raila Odinga and yet refused to make him guest of honor on Kabaka’s coronation of 2013 which Museveni unexpectedly attended. He has been calling Mayiga a thief who works for Mbabazi and other traitors of the NRM revolution. Being Mirundi, he has always been speaking without adducing any proof and his radio and TV moderators would let him (with exception of Metro FM’s Eriya Banda). Sources say Mirundi only scaled down recently when CPM commenced plans to sue him in defamation along with media houses that have been propagating his propaganda.


Mirundi has never stopped attacking her over what he terms to have been the unfair removal of Mzee Vincent Sekono from being chairman of the NSSF Governing Board. He claims, as usual without corroboration, that in knifing Sekono, Kiwanuka Kiwana succumbed to mafia pressure.



This Kabaka Mutebi’s loyal Minister, formerly the CEO Buganda Land Board Director, has suffered Mirundi’s wrath for years though he initially gave him contempt card never responding to him.  He has always been calling him a thief without proof and Mulengera News understands that Kyewalabye, against whom Mirundi has been inciting mob justice, is among those whose lawyers have been frequently Synovate to obtain all the relevant recordings as part of preparations to sue him in defamation along with the media houses that used to host him. Sources say Kyewalabye refused to meet Mirundi insisting there was no cause for such a meeting. The other Kabaka assistant Mirundi has been trashing is Apollo Makubuya calling him names. He recently escalated the attacks to cover Makubuya’s legal client tycoon Omar Mandela who Mirundi attacks while praising his business competitor Aponye who initially had problems relating to relief food supplies for Kampala.


 Mirundi is really one who steps where angels don’t dare. He has openly been attacking Kabaka Mutebi arguing that being king doesn’t make him infallible. He has been making personal attacks disputing the king’s integrity. And he would ask: “Who is Mutebi? Does he feed me? Does he have four heads unlike me? Wasn’t he born like any other child? Nothing will stop me from criticizing him.” This has been annoying many Baganda, prompting some to boycott radios which host him. Actually restrictions on attacking the Kabaka explain why time came and Mirundi couldn’t speak on leading radios like CBS, Radio Simba and Kaboozi. He also authored a book titled “Obwa Kabaka bwa Bundaga” in which he referred to the Kabaka as “Butembi.”


The Vision Group CEO has been the hardest hit by Mirundi though he opted to give him a contempt card, never responding to his trash.  Mirundi has openly been demonizing Vision media outlets claiming that they work for Mbabazi and other mafia actors to undermine Gen Museveni. He had also predicted Kabushenga’s downfall which hasn’t come for long. Sources say Mirundi would speak to appease tycoons whose scandals Vision Group would expose. They include Sports investor Katumwa, Godfrey Kirumira, SK Mbuga, Bryan White and others. He also attacked Kabushenga for breaking the Katosi story exposing his man Byandala.   


Despite marrying the President’s daughter, Rwabwogo hasn’t been spared Mirundi’s wrath. Mirundi became bitter when Odrek Rwabwogo joined Andrew Mwenda and Robert Kabushenga for an afternoon meeting at Entebbe State House where they lobbied Mzee to knife him on grounds of being too crude and rudimentary in his work ethic. They argued that his style was unfit for the presidency in the 21st century. Mirundi has been labeling the trio calling them all sorts of names something sources say annoyed the other two Museveni’s sons-in-law and initially sealed Mirundi’s fate leading to his ouster from State House.



Mirundi has openly been saying Tumwebaze is scandalous and sources say he was initially attacking him in order to please then works Minister Byandala who eventually reconciled with Tumwebaze, sidelining Mirundi. Mirundi ears ago tried inciting Baganda in Kampala and Lukwago’s supporters to attack Tumwebaze whom he says is the most scandalous Minister of our time.  In the runner up to 2016 campaigns, he vowed to drive to Kibale to de-campaign him. Insiders say Mirundi became insecure when Tumwebaze recommended Don Wanyama to Mzee on grounds he would do things the 21st century way. Mirundi allegedly became enraged when he realized part of the reason why Jenifer Musisi was too indifferent towards him and never panicked to meet was because Tumwebaze was emboldening her as the Kampala Minister then. Our information is that Tumwebaze has instructed several city law firms to file several defamation suits against Mirundi and the media houses that used to host him to demonize him without corroboration. A big man in the Ministry of Presidency has tried to reconcile the two so that Tumwebaze doesn’t exhaust Mirundi through defamation trials but all in vain as Tumwebaze is sticking to his guns insisting court is the best forum for Mirundi to elaborate all the defamatory claims he has been making against him.


Many CBS workers, especially the Kaliisoliiso morning crew, always mobilized the public against Mirundi for abusing the Kabaka, Katikkiro and other Mengo officials. Mirundi fought back by abusing the likes of Med Nsereko, Kato Lubwama and Abbey Mukiibi for being modestly educated unlike him who is “an intellectual.” Claiming they are sexually perverted, Mirundi also alleged existence of huge sex scandals in Bulange vowing to write a vernacular book titling it “Essegu Ku Namulondo.” It means the scandalous man on the throne.  He claimed one of the sexpests had been caught having sex in Kabaka’s office. The Kaliisoliiso crew ceased fire when Mirundi got a slot on NBS TV, a thing that made them become cowed thinking he had now become too big.



 The Judiciary bosses often reported to President Museveni wondering why his man was openly calling for mob justice against them. Without adducing evidence, he always claimed judges are corrupt besides working for Mbabazi and opposition. When he became new CJ, Bart Katureebe had to drive to State House begging Museveni to prevail over his barking dog to stop barking at Judges since he had failed to produce any proof, resorting to talking generally.


Mirundi claims to be a devout Catholic but has no respect at all for the religious leaders. Mirundi, who refused to kneel while greeting the Pope, always made personal attacks on Archbishop Lwanga claiming he resembled one of the famous Ssalongos (twin fathers) in his native village in Kalisizo-Masaka. Mirundi always incited mob justice against Archbishop Lwanga claiming he was working for Mbabazi while undermining the government. Mirundi onetime claimed Lwanga had less clout than Cardinal Wamala and could never become Cardinal. This lack of respect for revered men of God alienated many devout Catholics from Museveni. Mirundi even vowed never to go to Church again as long as Lwanga lived. Ironically the same Mirundi eventually announced (after being fired from State House) that he was now free and would resume going to Church on Sundays. He went as far as claiming many top clerics in the Catholic Church were carrying engalabi (empty drums) instead of brains in their heads.


 Especially PK Bbosa and Ddembe Zaina of the morning breakfast show on Kaboozi Ku2 suffered Mirundi’s wrath. He even advocated for the closure of the station claiming the two popular presenters were unprofessional and openly DP. He also didn’t spare Simon Kaggwa Njala whose Matalisi program he claimed was inciting hate against government.


When she got problems with powerful Linda Nabusayi, Maj Nakalema and Nalweyiso, Mirundi became the hatchet man to attack Kagingo. He would shout on top of his voice on Star fm and Top radio that “that one is another Ngalabi and I will undress and beat her up if I ever find her on the streets.” When Kagingo protested her dismissal politely asking to look at her sacking letter, Mirundi said she was a fool and asked her to produce her appointment letter.  He added that the way Museveni works, it was stupid for Kagingo to demand for sacking letter. Strangely the same three powerful ladies he initially pleased by bashing Kagingo turned against him and hounded tearful Mirundi out of State House. He has relentlessly attacked each one of them while praising their colleague/workmate Lucy Nakyobe who he keeps saying is a very good person. The other powerful State House official he always bashed, without success, was ex-PPS Molly Kamukama who he faulted for closely working with ISO’s Col Frank Kaka and others who brought down his man Kale Kayihura.



He one time bashed her as ‘this uneducated woman from Mukono.’ Insiders say Nalweyiso had promised to get for him some Shs20m and started attacking her when the money delayed. At some point, Gen Kayihura whom Mirundi always praised had promised to give him the money to stop attacking Nalweyiso because that was denting the Presidency. Nalweyiso also has mob influence on Steven Busulwa who until last month had been hosting Mirundi on Top Radio every Monday. Insiders say Busulwa, whom Nalweyiso had initially promised funding for his Busiro South MP race, was told to choose between hosting Mirundi and campaign cash.


When she fell out with FDC, Mirundi became insecure fearing that the highly articulate and informed Kamya would become the next Press Secretary. Mirundi attacked her calling her all sorts of names just to incite the public against her and make her look unemployable by State House.


The CIID Director became Mirundi’s punching bug and sources say Mirundi was doing all this to please PS Pius Bigirimana who blamed Akullo for siding with Kazinda during the OPM probe.  Mirundi would say she is for Amama and that violent murders of the Sheikhs were on the rise because of Akullo’s incompetence and sabotage against Mzee. Mirundi’s attacks intensified when Akullo fell out with Kayihura who was still IGP. KK was uncomfortable when he realized Akullo would talk to the HE directly without going through him. Mirundi was actually fired from Ps Kayanja’s Channel 44 after he defied advice to stop bashing Akullo who is a blue eyed girl to Ps Kayanja.


Formerly an influential PA to the President, Nakalema (whose school fees Pastor Kayanja paid at some point) is believed to be among those who crafted Mirundi ouster from State House. Mirundi started attacking her when he took years without meeting Mzee and got rumors his knifing was being considered. When the boss summoned him and grilled him for abusing the First Lady and his sons-in-law, Mirundi blamed Nakalema for accusing him falsely. He shouted on radio: “Who is Nakalema? I will never pick her phone calls because she is nobody.”  He also accused her of making appointments for crooks to meet the President during that time when PPS Mary Amajo became indifferent creating a vacuum which Nakalema filled and in the process making herself the defacto PPS.


In July 2015 when news first emerged before confirmation that Mirundi had been fired, the Ntenjeru County MP spoke to a local radio and thanked Museveni for doing the needful. Mirundi ranted on radio likening Nsanja’s inner mouth parts to a pit latrine.


Powerbrokers that stood firm and were unwavering in their efforts to bring Mirundi down included:  Sam Kutesa’s PA David Kabanda who single-handedly had been bashing Mirundi even when he appeared powerful. For that is Kabanda’s nature-ever bashing whoever he thinks is wrong regardless of whom they are. Adam Luzindana had also been very consistent in fighting Mirundi for demonizing his master JPAM. One time Ofwono Opondo had to mediate. Others included Simon Kaheru and Maj Edith Nakalema who (used the Mwendas) to finally ferry down the Mahogany from Kalisizo. GCW Ruth Nankabirwa has been the other unrelenting loaded rival who has refused to bow to Mirundi’s attacks. She keeps saying she is too busy to have audience with a self-confessed propagandist like Tamale Mirundi.


Those stingy and non-generous Ugandans that Mirundi has continued to attack most include Andrew Mwenda, Frank Tumwebaze, Diana Atwine, Col Edith Nakalema, Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso, Robert Kabushenga, Bukedde editor Geoffrey Kulubya, Katikkiro Mayiga, the Kabaka of Buganda, Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, tycoon Omar Mandela, Kabaka’s assistant David Kyewalabye Male, lawyers Apollo Makubuya, Daudi Manga, Kiiza Besigye and PSST Keith Muhakanizi whose close business partner Ben Kavuya he (Mirundi) has curiously been praising of late. Remarkably, Mirundi (perhaps because of this potentially rewarding Ben Kavuya connection) has also significantly scaled down on his criticisms of PSST Keith Muhakanizi.

The others he doesn’t attack include Gen Elly Tumwine famous for his Rebecca Kadaga fights over the Nomo Gallery saga. For obvious self-preservation reasons, Mirundi also never bashes Bobi Wine (fearing demonization by his cyber space warriors), Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata (his partner in propagating the deliberately illusionary mafia talk & hatred for Katikkiro), generous businessman Aponye, First Lady Janet Museveni, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Gen Salim Saleh and other members of the First Family. The rudimentary man from Kalisizo also never abuses notorious celebrity names like Bryan White and SK Mbuga (both famous for being generous to media influencers) and instead contradicts and demonizes Bukedde and Vision Group for appropriately exposing the duo’s excesses.

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