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 By Mulengera Reporters

Politics by its very own nature is a game of contradictions and every decision key players make will naturally leave some happy and others sour-grapping. That exactly is what has befallen PP/NUP in respect to its latest list of flag bearers for the MP positions in Buganda region.

The big-names that have been disappointed so far include Patricko Mujjuka, a political novice working with CBS radio. He was sidelined in favor of businessman Fredrick Ssimbwa who the Elections Management Committee (EMC) considered to be more authentic and popular on the ground. The politically very unsophisticated Mujjuka, who potentially might end up drowning into NRM like the Full Figures have done before, has since resorted to demonizing the Mercy Walukamba-led EMC wildly claiming it’s full of amateurs who don’t know what they are doing.

The bitter truth is that beyond being a popular comedian and working at CBS radio, Mujjuka doesn’t have much that can politically be written home about him. Many think his lack of political sophistication could cause him to end up like Rubaga South’s Kato Lubwama or even worse (if he were to be elected). This is a very painful scenario many at NUP would like to avoid. Our verdict is, beyond using his CBS program to rant for a few days, weeks or months, there isn’t much he can do to politically dent Kyagulanyi or even his PP/NUP brand. He is easily disposable making him the kind Kyagulanyi can afford disappointing without coming under much political trouble.


Rubaga South’s Lubega Mukaku is equally disappointed but lacks the requisite political capital to be able to cause Kyagulanyi any significant political trouble. He has been on the political scene for more than 25 years without ever winning anything including standing in Kawempe North (2001), Busiro East (2006), Presidency (2011) and his birth place Mawokota South (2016). In all these, Mukaku who falsely claims to be the invisible kingmaker behind Kyagulanyi’s political successes in the last 3 years, has always trailed badly. Never being even number three or even 4th.  Mukaku, whose abode isn’t known by even his closest supporters, wanted Rubaga South where NUP has to his own detriment fronted money bags Aloysius Mukasa Thembo who the DP block has branded a Salim Saleh proxy in NUP/PP.


As if having premonition he was going to be rejected, Makindye East’s Mike Mabikke last Sunday drove to Mubajje’s Bilal FM in Old Kampala (see related reporting here where he declared readiness to fight dictatorship and under hand methods in NUP should the EMC sideline him and give the flag to someone else. This has come to pass and he will most likely be getting off his gloves and launching a political offensive aimed at exposing the skeletons in Kyagulanyi’s political wardrobe.  Being naturally a very belligerent fellow, Mabikke will rant (in case he chooses that path) until cows come back home but won’t be moving any mountains against Kyagulanyi because since 2011 he has been a man in political decline. Kyagulanyi counts on the likes of Betty Nambooze to successfully contradict whatever Mabikke will be telling the world claiming unfairness and marginalization in NUP.  He is one man Kampalans politically despise and have always treated with mistrust and suspicion.

Gratefully in Chameleon, Mabikke has someone whose Kyagulanyi-like political shoulder he can lean on through the campaigning period. He is a key Chameleon advisor just like Mukaku, Abed Bwanika, Henry Lubowa and others. They can find refuge at Balintuma Road in Mengo where Chameleon has established his campaign offices for the Lord Mayorship. They are aggrieved that Kyagulanyi targeted eliminating Chameleon politically from day one and they wonder why the door had to be opened for Nabillah Nagayi when Chameleon, who had been 2nd best after Latif Sebaggala, was available and very much interested.


They believe Kyagulanyi, who has never trusted Mabikke, has always had something against their man Jose Chameleon with whom they recently shared $100,000 (roughly Shs400m).  Mabikke will most likely run for the Makindye East MP Seat as a PP-leaning independent and will most likely argue that PP was a collective effort and was never meant to become a Political Party. He will also be out to eloquently fault Kyagulanyi for metamorphosing PP into a party without adequately consulting key stakeholders. Critics dismiss him as a perfect epitomization of the meal card politician as christened by DP’s Norbert Mao.

Nakawa West’s Kenneth Paul Kakande is another major paradox 0or irony on the list. It was always not going to be easy for him to get the required endorsement not because he is the least popular on the ground but simply because he was facing off with Joel Senyonyi (the PAT Gang member) who was always not going to be easy to overcome. As we reported earlier, it’s something that could detrimentally complicate things for Kyagulanyi and gradually fracture his nascent PP/NUP movement (see related reporting here Being relatively more popular and perceived as more deserving than Senyonyi, Kakande will naturally be running as an independent in a constituency NRM’s Margaret Zziwa could ironically win riding on the divided opposition camp.

Kakande is very eloquent and politically much more experienced than Senyonyi, who despite being famous for media appearances, is actually harder brand to sell to the grass root electors than his social media supporters are willing to accept. Kakande will tactfully be avoiding attacking Kyagulanyi or NUP because the truth is the PP wave remains too strong (at least in his Nakawa West) for anyone to recklessly just antagonize at this point in time. He will present himself as a PP-leaning independent while professing Kyagulanyi as his choice for Presidency. Gratefully his posters are already up actually more visible than Senyonyi’s.

This erecting of posters to deepen the aspirant’s visibility is something PP/NUP is going to detrimentally contend with in many places where candidates have been putting up conspicuous appearances in order to create an impression they are strong on the ground. And it’s something the Mercy Walukamba-led EMC encouraged all to do after picking expression of interest forms. People would be told “don’t mind about the rumors you hear that we [EMC] favor so & so; just go and put your posters up ahead of our visit.” Kakande might also consider lodging a petition (just for formality) even when he knows it won’t yield much. He has largely preferred that the voters have the last word on who between him and Senyonyi is more popular in Nakawa West. Detrimentally, the relationship between him and Senyonyi hasn’t been very excellent of late implying at some point, physical violence could erupt between their respective supporters (see related reporting here

In Kyagulanyi’s Kyaddondo East, lawyer Nkunyingi Muwadda has been given the NUP flag just like Mulengera News had accurately predicted (see related reporting here This leaves many other PP/NUP adherents tearful and greatly disappointed including Nangabo/Kasangati Town Council Mayor Tony Sempebwa and Khalid Ssimbwa, a philanthropist who has always been there for Kyagulanyi. It’s very likely both of them will stay in the race as PP/NUP-leaning independents, something that could fatally split the opposition vote paving way for NRM’s Pius Mujuzi. Failure to achieve consensus on the Kyaddondo East flag is something that has/will greatly hurt Kyagulanyi’s efforts to enforce joint candidates elsewhere.

In Mukono Municipality, George Kagimu will naturally be very aggrieved seeing Kyagulanyi endorsing his fierce opponent Betty Nambooze. This is so because Kagimu embraced Kyagulanyi long time ago and actually was among the credible leaders in the Municipality who pioneered the propagation of the Kyagulanyi presidency. Despite officially being DP, Kagimu expected Kyagulanyi to reciprocate his generous funding by at least remaining neutral in the Mukono Municipality race which Nambooze will naturally win. Fearing the resultant reprisals from his community where Kyagulanyi is currently very popular, Kagimu is unlikely to rant openly but with time he will collect his guts and begin belling the cat openly. Even in the Besigye case, that courage to bell the cat has had to be gradually built because majority politicians opportunistically fear openly antagonizing a political wave leader when their political electricity is still evidently very patent.

In Kiira Municipality, Eddie Yawe’s supporters have naturally become very resentful after the EMC handed the flag to Jimmy Lukwago the very generous tycoon renowned for founding Kiira Yanga FC (see Lukwago profile here; Yawe is Kyagulanyi’s elder brother but his alienation is something many family insiders saw coming. And the truth is Kyagulanyi is very resentful towards Yawe just like he is towards Jose Chameleon.

Here is why the Kyagulanyi-Yawe enmity goes more deeply than many of their very unsophisticated supporters might think. When their mother Musaawo Nalunkuma died many years ago, their very polygamous father George Willington Sentamu sought relocation from his home in Kanoni Gomba to come and take residence at his deceased wife’s house in Kamwokya. The children became divided over this with Kyagulanyi belonging to the camp that believed the old man was strategically trying to eclipse them as orphans out of their mother’s property. The Kyagulanyi camp said all nasty words as they demanded that Mzee Sentamu leaves immediately and abandons plans to come and begin sleeping in their mother’s house. They feared he might marry another woman and bring her there. It was a very embarrassing episode as the Kyagulanyi group went as far as involving the LC officials and the Mbogo clan leadership.

Eddie Yawe single-handedly stood up to them saying that extreme humiliation against their own dad was very unwarranted. He lost the battle as Mzee Sentamu was forced back to Gomba but the cold war between him on one hand and Fred Nyanzi and Kyagulanyi on the other remained. Years later, another escalation was to happen when Mzee Sentamu breathed his last. Because he had higher name recognition, Kyagulanyi forcefully drove the body to his Magere home for a vigil, something Yawe vigorously opposed. He protested by driving directly to Kanoni where he joined other mourners to wait for the body. He never stepped at the Magere vigil.

Then came the mother of all rifts regarding who becomes heir since the wealthy Mzee Sentamu died intestate (without a will). There was a huge split regarding who becomes heir. Yawe naturally desired being the one having always treated the old man with more respect and courtesy than any of the Nalunkuma children [himself, Fred Nyanzi, Pastor Paulo of Bukoto/Kisasi, Namuleme Carthy (runs boutique business in Kamwokya and is the only girl & mother of two kids)), Julius Walakira, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (aka Bobi Wine), John Sentamu (Mr. Wine’s musical manager), Banjo Man, Mickie Wine (aka Micheal Mukwaya) and Dax (the last born)].

Because the deceased Sentamu left over 40 children from different mothers, resolving the heir puzzle proved too complicated prompting family elders to put the matter to vote. Majority of the Sentamu siblings voted Kyagulanyi, leaving the elderly Yawe with an egg on his face. Claiming Kyagulanyi had used his newly-found political fame to crowd out those with dissenting voices, Eddie Yawe led his fellow disgruntled siblings (mostly from his stepmothers) to petition Kayiira the Mbogo clan head and that is the reason why Kyagulanyi has never been installed. The top Mbogo clan leadership decreed that the funeral rites be stalled until the heir-related dispute is comprehensively resolved. In their petition to Kayiira, some of the Kyagulanyi rivals described him as “omwana wa malaaya [born through adultery acts]” and therefore inappropriate to succeed their dad.

When Kyagulanyi got entangled with the SFCs who clobbered him like a cobra snake during the Arua fracas in August 2018, some PP adherents claimed Yawe was shedding crocodile tears as there is no way he could have wished him well. He indeed was shunned by the rest of the family members during that period. In fact, he was subsequently demonized by Kyagulanyi diaspora bloggers including Turkey-based Fred Lumbuya who many social media users consider to be a Kyagulanyi hatchet man (ever ranting out things the Principal can’t be comfortable ranting out himself).

In Nansana Municipality, whereas it was prudent giving the flag to financially struggling Wakayima Musoke (Frank Gashumba’s brother) because he is very popular, the EMC final verdict will naturally cause those rejected to grumble including Katooke LC1 Chairman Steven Kaweesa and Enock Musoke who have generously been funding NUP/PP activities mostly through councilor Prince Kalema, a close acquaintance of Chairman Fred Nyanzi Sentamu. Some of the duo’s supporters have vowed to spill some of the dirtiest Kamwokya secrets.

But as we reported months ago (see related reporting, the fallout resulting from failure to agree on joint candidates could constitute a waterloo of sorts for PP/NUP. It’s something that has always haunted Dr. Kizza Besigye and created for him many unjustifiable enemies and haters across the country. Just like Mr. Wine will soon find out, whoever fails to get the flag, inappropriately takes it personal with the political colossus from whom the wave (for that political season) emanates. You will soon hear many falsely branding Kyagulanyi a traitor who betrayed them in favor of his friend, girlfriend, tribes mate, fellow Catholic or even OB yet as the overall leader he rarely has anything to do with such betrayals or flag bearer decisions. But such is human nature because even the weakest candidate will always say “I would have won if it was not the betrayal by the Principal.”

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