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By Joel Mugabi

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has called on Government to celebrate the legacy of fallen businessman Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige, popularly known as BMK, by respecting and prioritizing local investors.

BMK, the proprietor of Hotel Africana and several other business entities, succumbed to cancer last week after battling the disease for seven years. He was laid to rest at Salaam Muslim Cemetery Nkoowe in Wakiso District.

Addressing the DP weekly press conference at City House in Kampala today, Luyimbaazi Nalukoola, the party’s National Legal Advisor, eulogized BMK as “a role model who built his business empire from a humble background,” and a  “a great philanthropist.”

Nalukoola urged Government to prioritize local investors, especially now that the effects of the Covid19 pandemic on the economy are beginning to force international and regional companies out of the country. He castigated the NRM Government for abandoning local investors and concentrating on foreign investors who they give tax holidays. He wondered what would happen to Ugandan investments which get no tax holidays yet the foreign ones who have been so empowered and supported are collapsing.

“In a country that prioritizes foreign investors over local ones, it is worrisome when multi-billion businesses owned and run by investors close down, in not more than a month Uganda registered two multi-billion companies announcing winding up their businesses namely Shoprite and Africell among others,” he noted. “Now that they have started exiting, we hope the government will give priority to the local investors in resuscitating their investments, until then the would-be local investors will continue diverting their resources from the industrial sector to real estate, which is largely attributed to heavy taxes imposed on industrial products.”

Noting the key role of tangible investments in agricultural and industrial sector in reducing unemployment and causing development, Nalukoola advised Government to “deliberately focus on supporting local investors in order to avoid foreign exploitation of our economy.”

The party has also called on government and security officials “sleeping on job” regarding efforts to end the recent spate of murders to “retire for the good of Ugandans since they have failed.”

“The regime apologists have always boasted of being the greatest supplier of security and peace, in the region, they now have nothing to tell Ugandans.”

Meanwhile, DP has also blamed the collapse of buildings such as the recent one in Kisenyi on hasty establishment of structures without approved plans. Nalukoola wondered where the tycoons building these structures are getting their money yet the economy is struggling, Ugandans are locked at home, and multibillion companies are collapsing.

“As if that is not enough, those in government have allocated themselves and their cronies prime land but also have blatantly built in road reserves, they have depleted the swaps they have depleted the swamps and forests,” he continued. “They have left Kampala to be a big slum, buildings continue to be raised but haphazardly, for almost four decades, they have never thought of coming up with alternative cities. We continue to advise government to benchmark countries like India which developed New Delhi to substitute Bombay that became a market city. Initially Nigeria had Lagos but later shifted her capital city to Abuja. Our immediate neighbors the Tanzanians shifted theirs from Dar-esalaam to Dodoma.”(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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