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By Mulengera Reporters

The truth is that much as Gen Museveni has taken unusually long to unleash his new cabinet, he already has a template in place. Names are already drawn up on a list but the latest reaching Mulengera News this Sunday afternoon is that the big man from Rwakitura has insisted undertaking personal verification like never before.

Unlike in the past (2011 for instance) when Gen Museveni appointed people he didn’t adequately know to the extent that then newly elected Tororo Woman MP Sarah Opendi became State Minister for Lands after the H.E. had been duped to think she was a lawyer by training yet she had studied something else, the man from Rwakitura this time round wants to rule out all the possible misinformation in any Cabinet-related decision making.

“He has the list with him already but whoever appears on it must be verified afresh. The President is personally undertaking this verification to circumvent past inefficiencies. He wants to personally know each of the nominees and he is in touch with Interpol to get for him a certificate of good conduct on each [this certificate will indicate things like criminal cases/complaints that have ever been reported against anyone at a police station anywhere including those arising from minor disagreements such as failure or refusal to pay a debt]. This way he has been able to cross out ex-convicts who had been sold to him as people of good conduct and impeccable integrity simply because they made it becoming MPs. It’s destined to be a cabinet of integrity and Mzee doesn’t want to appoint anyone and those who know him or her begin saying atusse [he has killed us making this one a Minister].”

The State House source adds that: “He has demanded for a full pictorial collection comprising of latest or more recent photos of each and every nominee so that Mzee doesn’t get mistaken. He is personally undertaking lots of verification because this must be a cabinet of credible men and women so as to inspire public confidence. Mzee realizes public belief in government is declining and he wants people he will have and work with in Cabinet to reverse that negative trajectory. Many have had their names crossed out because Mzee is digging up information from their former schools, where they grew up going to church etc to understand if they were morally bad people at any one stage in their growth and personal development.”

The source further asserts: “There is one who was crossed out on Saturday simply because Mzee confirmed information that he has had a habit of not paying his debts. He takes merchandize on credit from the shops in his constituency and never pays. Another one from Western Uganda has had his name crossed out because Mzee established that he used to run a private business which used not to pay workers besides another who was removed from the list on the account of fathering many children in different women who he refuses to look after. Many have been dented over their involvement in land wrangles and acts of bufere. Another original nominee has had to be dropped after Mzee establishing she is into the habit of making exciting pledges and promises during community fundraising functions which she never honors.”

And it’s also true, according to the source, that: “Womanizers and female MPs with loose sex conduct too are equally being eliminated to avoid demonizing Mzee’s new cabinet list because the bottom-line is many of these evildoers are known by people in the communities they hail from. The President doesn’t want to alienate such people in the public by appointing scandalous individuals to his cabinet. This is why the younger MPs, who haven’t had much chance to commit many transgressions on the account of their short life, are going to be many on that cabinet list. All those quacks are being identified and crossed out which is why Mzee has found himself taking more time.”

The source adds that once Gen Museveni is done with this verification, which he has insisted to undertake personally as opposed to merely relying on intelligence vetting which he believes has sometimes been infiltrated by those with money, the list will be released and will most likely be sent out through the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah with whom the big man from Rwakitura is closely in touch just like his Deputy Anita Among regarding the delayed proclamation of the new Cabinet.

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