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By Mulengera Reporters 

Whereas majority of the Ministers have lately resorted to managing their inability to access President Museveni by having frequent media engagements at Media Center, outgoing Rushenyi County MP in Ntungamo Mwesigwa Rukutana has resorted to leveraging on his old friendship with powerful and stinking rich Minister Sam Kutesa in the hope he can prevail on the appointing authority to treat him favorably in the upcoming cabinet realignment.

Having lost his MP Seat to Naome Kabasharira (wife to ANT’s Maj John Kazoora), Rukutana (a long-serving State Minister) rightly knows his chances of bouncing back are very minimal. It’s the reason he has frequently been meeting the powerful and stinking rich SK who potentially can reconcile him with First Lady Janet Museveni and thereby growing his chances at being retained in the Cabinet assignment.

The problem though is that even SK has lately not been having very frequent access to Gen YK Museveni as used to be the case in the past. Sources say that the Mawogola North MP Seat fight, which saw SK’s daughter Shatsi Musherure Kutesa bitterly compete with Gen Museveni’s brother Godfrey Aine Sodo, only made the relationship between the two political heavyweights strained and more complicated.

The other factor complicating relations between Gen Museveni and SK relates to the growing influence of Uganda’s Permanent Representative at the UN/New York who is none other than the very ambitious Adonia Ayebare. The former journalist (and a JPAM fanatic) is understood to have used his PR position at the UN to frequently undermine and humiliate his Kampala-based boss Sam Kutesa without Gen Museveni remedially intervening against this apparent insubordination. Ayebare has also continued to have bad relations with career diplomats like Mull Katende (Washington) who are renowned for being SK loyalists.

The positive media publicity he continues to get as he links the President to diplomatic representatives of powerful Western governments in Kampala has only made members of the SK camp more frustrated. Some SK supporters think that Ayebare could be battling Gen Museveni’s proxy wars hence creating more uneasiness between the President and his long-serving Minister who many perceive as being on his way out of cabinet.

Whereas it’s true he can still lobby through the First Lady (whose late sister Janette mothered Shatsi Musherure & the other Kutesa children), SK is now widely seen as a man with waning influence at the palace of Gen Museveni.

The impending grand return of Amama Mbabazi, who SK contemptuously dismissed as “Kano Kazintuka [implying Presidential shoe was too big for JPAM]” in 2015/16 as he prepared to challenge the incumbent President under his Go Forward, is further indication that SK is clearly a man of declining influence in the man from Rwakitura’s politics. But that shouldn’t prevent Rukutana from trying every other option because (you never know) this could turn out to be a season of unexpected things. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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