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By Mulengera Reporters 

With Prof Venescias Baryamureeba vigorously pushing his claim that the Isaac Sempala family pays up his Shs850m or else he renders them homeless by taking over their Buziga house and another in Alberta Canada, many Ugandans must be asking themselves what exactly went wrong. Why should all that indebtedness hover over the head of Isaac Sempala whose very gorgeous wife Nabillah Nagayi (now corroborating the Barya claim against Sempala) has lucratively been serving as Kampala Woman MP for the last 15 years?

Being your home of exclusives, Mulengera News has worked up its sources and landed some insightful explanation shedding light on and unmasking some of the things on which the flamboyant outgoing Kampala Woman MP (who never invested much in her voters nor siblings) has been blowing the billions earned in Parliamentary salary for the last 15 years.


Some of the high-earning Nabillah Nagayi’s fortune went into funding the acquisition of the Alberta Canada property where Mr. Isaac Sempala has been living with their four kids-the eldest of whom is aged 18. Mulengera News understands that the initial fraction of the money that funded acquisition of this residential property in Alberta Canada (where Sempala has also been doing some kyeyo) was a grant contributed by a key Museveni administration official whose number is saved in Nabillah’s phone as “Stranger.” Mr. Stranger, sources say, has been a great friend of the Nabillah family for the last 15 years. “He helps out always and very generously whenever honorable desires to travel to any excellent holiday destination and other things that require high level connection,” says a deeply knowledgeable source.

The Kampala Woman MP, who family members hate for materially not helping them via money handouts or even job connections, has also made significant investments including acquisition of a school located in the Makindye military barracks zone from which she used to make some good money until COVID19 came resulting into the lockdown. Yet that isn’t all. Nabillah has also invested in another family investment known as “The Nakigalala Farm.” This is a large piece of land stretching over 20 acres of prime land which Nabillah, formerly a councilor in the area, acquired through compensating squatters who initially lived there.

The idea was to turn this into a family business to keep the modestly educated Mr. Isaac Sempala busy. The venture unexpectedly flopped even after Nabillah had parted with close to a billion shillings putting up a farm house and poultry units. Most of the chicken died prompting Nabillah to contemptuously criticize Sempala while referring to him as a very poor farm manager. The failure of the Nakigalala project left the couple financially very frustrated and created a wedge between them. Currently, it’s a desolate farmland without much activity going on. But it’s how the stress-stricken Sempala keeps busy these days as he drives there almost every day just to check to ensure nobody gets to encroach on the land. By the way 20 acres can be such a large piece of land and moreover in such a prime location.

Nabillah, who also stands accused of not being very truthful about Mr. Stranger’s contribution for the Canada property presenting as a loan from Prof Baryamureeba, has also been financially very supportive towards the man from Ibanda’s campaigning activities both for the Makerere VC race and the national politics. In 2016, Baryamureeba famously stood for Presidency and for Ibanda Municipality MP job in 2021. Generally, the flamboyant academic has financially not been doing very well following the failure of his UTAMU University project to pick as rapidly as had been expected. For instance, his two Benz cars with personalized number plates haven’t been in good shape because they have stayed for long. So, Nabillah has had to weigh in every now and then to enable her good friend Barya to have some means of transport including surrendering her ML Benz to constitute part of his 2016 campaign entourage.

The outgoing Kampala Woman MP has also had to team up with her other siblings to help their 85-year-old father Dr. Twaha Kabuye (a retired vet doctor) have some decent abode. They pooled together resources and acquired for him a large piece of land at a place called Buwalula along Mityana Road where he lives in his retirement. The same Nabillah, whose father hails from Itendero in Bushenyi, has also had to support her Mugisu mum with a residential property in Kajansi along Entebbe Road where she lives though sometimes not well looked after. The Buziga Katuso residence too has sunk a lot of her money because as of 2006 when she first became MP, that place hadn’t been fully acquired and she had to pay up whatever was remaining including upgrading it into a palatial home it is today.

Having clandestinely given her life to Christ and become a born again Christian some years ago, after the Togikwatako backlash which left voters cursing why they ever elected her, Nabillah has been conducting weekly prayers in the Buziga compound which she has since turned into a prayer altar (Ekyooto kyo kusaba). These are conducted by big-name Kampala pastors who she has had to generously facilitate each time they congregate at her residence. They keep encouraging Nabillah, who quite often gets depressed and suffers ill-health, to keep sowing generous seed as she waits for a mighty breakthrough and anointing from the Lord. Each time there is altar, Nabillah has to spend on preparing a good meal not just for the pastors but other participants/worshippers also.(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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