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Moses Bigirwa showing respect for his Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

By Mulengera Reporters 

NUP diehard supporter Moses Bigirwa (calls himself General) remains controversially caged after being arrested for allegedly trying to extort money (Shs100m) from Deputy Speaker Anita Among in return for him not to use his loud mouth and conspicuous social media presence to criticize her in relation to graft allegations her supporters have lately been rebutting.

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Fellow NUP supporters on social media have spent much of Saturday trying to defend Bigirwa with majority insisting that he must carry his cross and be judged as an individual since these were his individual actions with nothing to do with the party. His Principal Robert Kyagulanyi, who he has always idolized, has had to backtrack from the blanket condemnation he had issued Friday evening protesting Bigirwa’s arrest.

Kyagulanyi now says he has since realized the original information that had been obtained from Gen Bigirwa’s wife was actually misleading and inaccurate. For the first time in such a long time, (and to his credit) the NUP Supremo unreservedly apologized to his more than 2m followers on Facebook.

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Bigirwa’s whereabouts remained unknown as at the time of writing this story and beyond the Deputy Speaker’s Publicist Joseph Sabiiti coming out to say he had been out to blackmail his boss, not much has officially been disclosed regarding the circumstances of his apprehending.

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But the contents of an audio recording which emerged that same Friday night is indicative that Gen Bigirwa is up to some real trouble. And in this brief analysis we reflect on reasons why Bigirwa’s thing is going to be more complicated than many of his supporters might be thinking or wishing.

In the audio he is heard plotting everything and naming his price (Shs100m) as he conversed with a one Ismail who strategically was hearing him out ahead of their subsequent meeting which we couldn’t readily establish if it ever took place. The contents of the audio and the demands he is heard making imply this scandal won’t be easy for Bigirwa to walk away from. It will either get him convicted and confined in jail for some time or politically obliterated beyond redemption.

It will be easier for him to regain his freedom through benevolence/political than legal means. And politically here is how he can walk to freedom: Among, who he targeted according to the audio contents, has been targeted for demonization a lot lately and her people claim there is a broader ploy to bring her down politically so as to frustrate her dream to be Deputy Speaker for 10 years and full Speaker for another 10. This is the standard the ruling NRM party, to which she belongs, has been setting over the years (at least in the case of both Kadaga and Sekandi).

Politically, Among would be advantaged if Bigirwa can be squeezed into concessions whereby he cooperates and agrees to testify against or names his sponsors (if any) who originated and give him the original information which he is heard discussing with Ismail on the leaked audio. Armed with a list of those invisible hand or heavy weights that supporters claim to be the ones baying for her political blood, Among can proceed to persuasively make her case both to the public and to her boss Gen YK Museveni. That indeed she is innocent and merely being targeted by city extortionists and political haters who are merely envious of her political pedigree.

That (testifying against the other conspirators) would get Bigirwa out of the woods but would also corroborate the Deputy Speaker’s supporters’ claim that this is all politics and that the Bukedea woman MP is merely being witch-hunted by powerful people who are merely envious of her political successes registered in such a short time. Whomever they are, being identified, named and publicly shamed [all courtesy of Gen Bigirwa’s cooperation] would greatly leave Among’s tormentors deflated, terrified and unwilling to carry on the fight (if they indeed exist).

Once that happens, Among (the extortion target who naturally has to be the complainant in all subsequent Bigirwa criminal investigations) can then proceed to declare forgiveness for the suspect (Bigirwa) in which case the police case more or less collapses and thereby enabling the NUP Eastern region chief to walk to freedom. That is the only way out of this otherwise very complicated dilemma for Bigirwa and given the way she had been targeted for demonization, Among would now have the perfect opportunity to collaborate her defense; that look here guys I’m an innocent person who is merely being targeted by haters who resent my political accomplishments of the past few years.

Bigirwa’s audio recorded voice, clearly demanding for Shs100m in return for total silence, goes a long way to demonstrate that those propagating the graft allegations are either proxies being used by big people or are merely poverty-stricken baferes menacingly looking at her wallet which Bigirwa asserts (in the leaked audio) is deep enough to easily cater for his extortionist demands. Many could believe or buy into that line of argument since none of the alleged victims of Anita Among’s actions has (or will ever) come out to publicly claim anything against her. It then naturally becomes true, as claimed by her supporters, that she is being targeted for Bigirwa like extortion plots. The likes of General Bigirwa (as captured on the leaked audio) are the type Among needs to convincingly make her case and emerge even politically stronger out of the current wave of allegations clearly aimed at impeaching her integrity as a leader. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us






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