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By Joel Mugabi

MTN Uganda has this weekend sorted for movie lovers with two new movies premiering on Kibanda Xpress.

One of these is Kawuula, a movie produced by Manisoor Ntege. The movie highlights the struggle of a couple to unbind the chains of witchcraft in their home after the husband breaks the charm used to keep him away from other women. The movie is available in English and Luganda translation by VJ Emmy.

Movie lovers will be able to live out the curfew through producer John Lubagala’s mind as he takes them through the police hunt for a criminal gang dubbed ‘Kifeesi’ which has been terrorizing the town in the Kifeesi gang movie. The movie features popular local film actors Farouq Mutebi, Yasin Lubowa, Eric Bumara and Maggie Namakula.

This week’s movie premiere is part of the September Box Office movies which also feature two other movies ‘Anandi and Girls’ Empire 2’ released last week on Kibanda Xpress.

Mavis Ndagire Musungu MTN GTM DIGITAL SPECIALIST makes her remarks during the premiere of the new movies; Kawuula and The Kifeesi gang on Kibanda Xpress this weekend.

Kibanda Xpress is a video-on demand channel created by MTN and the Association of Core Film Producers trading as Pearlwood, hosted on the mobile application YoTV channels with dedicated focus on airing local films.

The channel houses an assortment of more than 150 premium local films that can be accessed for only Shs1000 per film for a 24-hour period.

Speaking at the premiere of the movies at National Theater, seasoned media personality Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa, who was the chief guest, applauded MTN for embracing and supporting the local film industry.

He also congratulated the entire movie production team upon its successful premiere of the movies, urging them to attain more positive qualities in order to drive their personal growth.

From left to right: Lubagala John the producer of The Kifeesi Gang, Zambaali Mukasa Bulasio the Chief Guest, Ndagire Mavis Musungu, MTN GTM Digital Specialist and Ntege Manisoor the producer of Kawuula pose for a photo during the premiere of the new movies this weekend.

“Talent is key, but it should not be a lone wolf. You need to be confident, have the ability to network and market yourself, ensure flexibility in your work, time management, teamwork, dedication and most importantly commitment. That cocktail of qualities will be the driver to your success,” he advised.

To watch a movie on Kibanda Xpress, customers can simply follow these steps: Step 1: Download and install the YoTV Channels app from Playstore and Apple Appstore; Step 2: Sign Up and login with your MTN number. You will be given a 30-day free trial on the YoTV Channels app if you are a first time user; Step 3: Select VOD then Kibanda Xpress. Browse and select the Movie of your choice then follow prompts to complete payment of Shs1,000 only.(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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