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By Mulengera Reporter

Two pastors of Pentecostal churches in Jinja are shredding each other as a war of words that broke out over a botched visit of Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Parliament, rages on.

Pastors Tom Ngobi of World Revival Centre Church (WRCC) and Ibrahim Iga Omaidu of Christian Commission Ministries (CCM) no longer see eye to eye, and are rallying their flock to take sides in this ‘holy war.”

The two rival pastors are not only using their pulpits to spew venom at each other, but are also using local radio stations to amplify the row.

Using the two platforms, Ngobi, also a trained Secondary School teacher, has continuously referred to Omaidu as “a flop pastor and a total failure in life who has now resorted to blackmail instead of struggling hard to make ends meet.” He has since wished him “hell.”

“I have no time for that fake man who has failed in life and cannot even spell his name,” says Ngobi. “Let him go to hell instead of dragging my name to filth.”

In response, Omaidu has not ceased labelling Ngobi a desperate and cunning man devoid of the power of God, but only “using sweet sounding words to hoodwink unsuspecting members of the public to get what he wants.” Omaidu insists only the Blood of Jesus can wash away Ngobi’s sins.

“I know Ngobi very well. He has no anointing at all but thrives on deception; fortunately, time has run out for him now, let him repent,” says Omaidu.


To understand why Ngobi and Omaidu are feuding and why Kadaga’s visit was important, a source close to the two pastors revealed, one has to look further than the duo’s parliamentary bids.

It is no secret now that Ngobi is warming up to give FDC’s Paul Mwiru value for his money in the 2021 Jinja Municipality East parliamentary election.

On the other hand, Omaidu is eyeing Moses Grace Balyeku’s Jinja Municipality West seat in next year’s general polls.

To advance his bid, Ngobi has turned his church, housed on the second floor of Busoga Mall (owned by cosmetic giant Movit boss Pison Birungi), as a rallying ground for his political interests. Inside Omaidu’s makeshift structure at Kakindu Community Complex, the situation is not any different.

So, when Ngobi recently invited Kadaga, he hoped the powerful woman would endorse her, sources have told this reporter.

Ngobi and his followers accuse Omaidu and his acolytes of sabotaging the meeting Kadaga was supposed to preside over. Reports that Omaidu had dissuaded his followers from attending Ngobi’s meeting worsened the situation. Apart from using his pulpit to tell his followers that his rival’s event was “was poorly arranged and that the much-expected big politician from Kampala [Kadaga] would not attend”, Omaidu also paid for radio announcements to inform all tuned in to the stations that it would be “risky for them to attend Ngobi’s event at Walukuba.”

It was these actions that prompted Ngobi’s camp to dispatch about 15 youths with clear instructions to storm Omaidu’s church at Kakindu and tear the pastor into pieces.

For now, the tensions between the two ‘men of God’ and their sheep remain high, and are expected to further rise with the temperatures of the election season. They seem to have put ‘God’ and his teaching on love aside to settle their scores. To them, it seems, the battle is no longer the Lord’s.




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