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Bart Katureebe shows admiration for the JLOS life time achievement award that was bestowed unto him during the awards session 

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe receives his JLOS Life-Time Achievement award from Minister Peace Mutuuzo

By Mulengera Reporters

Representing Development Partners, the Ugandan legislature, private sector and the 18 sector institutions, stakeholders for the JLOS sector (under which the Justice Law & Order agencies have operated for the last 19 years) on Tuesday 12th November converged at Nsambya-based Mestil Hotel for their annual joint sector review meeting. Chiefly aimed at providing a platform for the Government of Uganda and Development Partners to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of the preceding 12 months, this year’s review meeting was themed “Empowering the people; building trust & upholding rights.” 

Proof it was a good day for new Judiciary PS the relentless Pius Bigirimana seen here chatting up Development Partner representatives.

According to JLOS Deputy Senior Technical Advisor (M&E) Sam Rogers Wairagala, this was an opportunity to account for the more than Shs1.591trn the sector received from GoU to provide services in the preceding FY. Accounting for 4.4% of the national budget, the Shs1.591trn doesn’t include money from Development Partners whose invaluable contribution a grateful Chief Justice Bart Katureebe confessed had enabled the sector achieve much more.

Justice Esther Kisakye Mayambala gestures with fellow senior Judges

Speaking at the same review meeting, the Development Partner representatives unanimously agreed it had been a good year for the JLOS institutions with improved performance manifesting in many outcome areas including expanded physical infrastructure, increased access to JLOS services by the public and an improved environment for commercial competitiveness for which even the World Bank recently saluted the JLOS sector leadership (which overall is headed by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe).

Having hesitated to confront the EU Delegation Head Attilio Pacifici, who bashed NRM government for being lukewarm towards genuine electoral reforms, Attorney General William Byaruhanga (R) resorted to cracking endless jokes with equally witty PJ Yerokam Bamwine


Being a great year, the review meeting organizers used the same event to publicly recognize sector leaders, partners and stakeholders that made outstanding contribution all aimed at enhancing service delivery and deepening the public understanding of the sector through communicating insightful news about the 18 JLOS institutions. That is how the Mulengera News team walked away with an award which JLOS Senior Technical Advisor Rachel Odoi-Musoke explained was in recognition of their insightful reporting about sector institutions in the last one year. Editor John V Sserwaniko, accompanied by Transport Officer Badru Ntege, was at hand to receive the award on behalf of Mulengera News from the Chief Justice.

Meddie Kaggwa (R) was saluting for relentless civic education programs and for ensuring UHRC continues attracting UN’ A-rating despite staffing and funding constraints at the Twed-based Commission

The 18 JLOS institutions (that shared and prudently spent the Shs1.591trn in the period under review) include Gen Kahinda Otafiire’s Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs, the Judiciary, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Gender, Labor & Social Development and Ministry of Local Government. The others are DPP’s Office, Judicial Service Commission, Uganda Human Rights Commission, Uganda Law Reform Commission, Uganda Police Force, Uganda Prisons Services, Directorate of Citizenship & Immigration Control, URSB, Tax Appeals Tribunal, LDC, NIRA, Uganda Law Society and Center for Arbitration & Dispute Resolution. In the recent months, Mulengera News has engaged in very insightful reporting about many of these institutions.

LDC Director Frank Nigel Othembi (R) stands next to other JLOS sector leaders 

AG William Byaruhanga delivers a short speech which he clarified espoused views of the Justice Minister Kahinda Otafiire who wasn’t present. He caused excitement when he disclosed Cabinet had cleared the enactment of the Administration of the Judiciary Bill that will be in Parliament next week. 

The Uganda Police Force was sufficiently represented 

Some of the JLOS Secretariat officials 

As Head of Criminal Division of the High Court, Justice Kwesiga (L) strongly pronounced himself against the 48-hour rule which he said is very constraining to the sector’s efforts to stamp out crime as some cross border offences can’t be fully investigated by Police within that time limit. As we shall show in our subsequent reporting, the CJ Bart Katureebe (who was in CA as that was being legislated) sharply disagreed with Justice Kwesiga. 

DPP Mike Chibita picks his award 

ODPP’s Jane Okuo Kajuga (now judge-designate) picks her award in recognition for her relentless efforts to promote the sector’s image while sensitizing the public about its mandate  

The scribes who deal with her on daily basis were unanimous in cheering when URBS’ Provia Nangobi was read out for the award in honor of her relentless efforts to communicate the JLOS mandate and accomplishments

PJ Justice Yerokam Bamwine picks the award on behalf of the entire Judiciary 

LDC’s Florence Nakachwa Dollo picks her JLOS long service award from CJ Bart Katureebe 

JLOS Senior Technical Advisor Rachel Odoi-Musoke (L) aids the CJ to give out the awards 

Understandably, it was a busy day for both Sam Wairagala and Frank Baine having been part of the organizing committee 

Especially journalists, who for years have interacted with her on a daily basis, were unanimously agreed judge-designate Jane Kajuga’s award was well-merited 

Ms Betty Tukutendereze of the JLOS Secretariat picks her award recognizing her 19 years of service without break 

For being very responsive to their client’s needs and concerns, Uganda Prisons Services did the entire JLOS sector proud translating into an award for Commissioner General of Prisons Dr. Johnson Byabashaija who was commended for leading the institution so well 

During the panel discussion, moderated by journalist Charles Odongtho, Dr. Byabashaija was characteristically very eloquent 

Peace Mutuuzo (R) joins CJ Katureebe and PJ Bamwine during the JLOS review meeting’s closing ceremony 

Picking the award for the Police leadership 

NIRA ED Judith O Gama (R) was also there and uneasily turned in her seat as the Development Partner representative bashed her organization ranking it among JLOS’ worst-performing agencies 

Mr. Kasirabo receives the award on behalf of the Administrator General’s office 

Representatives (MERGE) of the Masindi LG picking their award in recognition for their best coordinated JLOS committees 

Solicitor General Francis Atooke understandably couldn’t miss out on the JLOS award because of the pivotal role he plays in the organization 

The DGAL representative showcases his employer’s award 

Uganda Law Reform Commission Chairperson Vastina Rukimirana Nsanze picks her JLOS long service award recognizing her consistent service to the sector 

Uganda Bankers Association CEO Willbroad Owor picks the JLOS relationship & corroboration award 2019 from the CJ 

Veteran TV journalist Charles Odongotho was calm and did very well moderating the panel discussion during which even top judges bowed before him in order to be permitted to speak 



Chief Justice Bart Katureebe got the JLOS life time achievement award (recognizing his long service as AG, MP, CA delegate, CJ etc); Solicitor General Francis Atooke picked the award for being the direct supervisor for Administrator General’s office (which scooped the JLOS excellence award for the prudent administration of the deceased persons’ estates); Uganda Prisons Services got the JLOS customer service award (recognizing it’s customer-centered approach to service delivery); ODPP’s judge-designate Jane Okuo Kajuga & URSB’s Head Communications Provia Nangobi got the JLOS Public Affairs & Media Relations award (recognizing their relentless efforts in leveraging on good media relations to create public awareness about JLOS while promoting the sector’s positive image).

The much-loved Principal Judge Yerokam Bamwine keenly looks on as his boss Bart Katureebe gave out the awards

The JLOS members strong achievement award severally went to Uganda Police Force, Office of the DPP, Uganda Prisons Services & the Judiciary which was ably represented by Principal Judge Yerokam Bamwine during the awards-picking ceremony.

Uganda Bankers Association (UBA whose members are bitter their Shs3trn continues being held up in Commercial Court’s 1000s of yet to be resolved commercial disputes) got the JLOS relationship & collaboration award for spearheading the building of bridges, relationships and partnerships with academia, CSOs and other useful stakeholders. UBA’s able CEO Willbroad Owor was at hand to receive the award from the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.

Speaking of behalf of the Private Sector, PSFU’s Moses Ogwal commended the Judiciary leadership for doing such a good job notwithstanding resource constraints. He commended Katureebe for partnering with World Bank to conduct a study on how much Uganda loses (in terms of business competitiveness) for failing to adequately finance judicial processes. 

The Development Partner representative saluting the JLOS sector leadership for the good areas while scolding them for the bad areas especially fighting corruption

Masindi district emerged the best LG for excelling in having the best-coordinated, communicated and cooperated upon JLOS (3Cs) activities in Uganda this year and an excited delegation of three faced the CJ and picked the award.

Three personalities (namely LDC Deputy Director Florence Nakachwa Dollo, ULRC’s Vastina Rukimirana Nsanze & Betty Tukutendereze) jointly took the JLOS Long Service Award in recognition of their long consistent service to the sector. Whereas the other two have served at LDC and ULRC for all the years JLOS has existed since November 1999, Ms Tukutendereze has worked in the JLOS Secretariat (now housed at Bauman House) for the last 19 years without break. Watch out for more insightful reporting from the JLOS review meeting. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755 or email us at






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