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By Mulengera Reporters

Desire to intensify efforts to neutralize the ongoing Kyagulanyi riots has prompted CDF Gen David Muhoozi to call for an emergency meeting of all UPDF battalion commanders from across the country. Credible sources have revealed to Mulengera News that the military commanders will be converging in Gulu tomorrow for the retreat aimed at devising ways and agreeing on the best approach to obliterate the “free Kyagulanyi” protestors.

“They will be discussing what must be done for them to be able to step forward and help the policing efforts of the Uganda Police Force more. It’s a very important retreat which even HE the President might address via teleconferencing,” says a top government source. “The CDF is the convener and he will naturally be chairing that meeting during which it’s expected that a more hardline approach to the rioters will most likely be agreed upon.”

Gen Museveni, who is both President and CiC, has already indicated his choice is to have the whip cracked real hard until the pro-Kyagulanyi protestors are decisively crashed and annihilated in all parts of the country. This Thursday, the President campaigned in Kotido where he assured NRM leaders that his government knows how and is more than prepared to make the Kyagulanyi rioters regret their decision to engage in countrywide violence protesting the arrest of their leader.

Branding the protests an act of declaration of war on the NRM, Gen Museveni has made it clear the rioters’ fire would be answered with more decisive and viscous fire. He has also made it clear that violence is one arena where no political grouping in Uganda can excel more than the NRM because in any case that is how it came to power.

He stressed, during the same address, that an attack on harmless NRM supporters as was done in Kampala and other towns is abominable and indeed a red line which no one can cross and goes unpunished. He said the perpetrators would soon be identified, apprehended and made to regret the day they were born. The furious Museveni talk is reminiscent of the day (in 2016) when he referred to the famous touching of the Leopard’s “something something” in reference to the thumping then Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi’s supporters administered unto his own NRM supporters during a confrontation in Ntungamo.

Back then, he acted very ruthlessly resulting into the brutal arrest of JPAM’s head security Christopher Aine who was subsequently rehabilitated into a diehard supporter of the status quo under the custody of Gen Salim Saleh. Indeed, there are fears that the ongoing crack down on the Kyagulanyi camp could result into hundreds of his young politically very unsophisticated key supporters and mobilizers in urban areas getting rehabilitated and cajoled into denouncing NUP and People Power. For that is how Gen Museveni has always acted-using a combination of both stick and carrot while magnanimously treating previous foes who denounce their belligerent past towards him. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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