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By Mulengera Reporters

There was pandemonium at Bwiyira Village Nkokonjeru Sub County in Buikwe district on Friday when Works & Transport Minister Katumba Wamala (aka Survivor) bitterly clashed with NUP President Bobi Wine as the youth-dominated crowd wildly heckled.

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Mr. Wine (who naturally must have been dismayed not being made chief mourner) started it all when he claimed that the Sembule tycoon Christopher C Sembuya, who the large crowd had gathered to send off, had invested colossal sums of money in the NRA war that brought Gen Museveni to power in 1986.

Speaking moments later, Katumba Wamala veiledly accused the man from Magere for talking things he knows very little about. Claiming to know much more about who funded the NRA war and who didn’t, Gen Katumba cautioned against misrepresentation “because there are people who have the accurate record and know what exactly happened.” Sembuya’s best friend Ken Lukyamuzi, speaking after Mr. Wine (after Buikwe area Woman MP Diana Mutasingwa smuggled him into the speeches program) equally asserted that Sembuya funded NRA but preferred to keep his contribution confidential fearing reprisals. 

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Katumba Wamala, who accused the opposition of tribalizing politics in this country, maintained this was untrue and claimed to have been closer to the deceased and his children than many of the opposition politicians who were spiting fire at his funeral. He advised them to seek clarification from people like him who know before making what he termed wild statements.

In the same speech, Katumba Wamala took on Mr. Wine (who quoting Malcom X had referred to him as one of the slaves in Museveni’s Uganda who are lucky to merely be surfs of a higher rank than the rest of the population) on the issue of tribalism and said he must shun the vice if he wants to grow his chances of ever becoming President.

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Mr. Wine had referenced on the bad governance in contemporary Uganda which he said was a worse-governed country than was the case in the 1980s when the likes of Sembuya became disgusted and fraternized with Museveni’s NRA. Mr. Wine also claimed much as the whole country continues to be under political captivity by Gen Museveni, who he cursed Katumba for religiously supporting, Baganda in central region were being targeted for victimization and marginalization more than the rest of the country.

As if to imply that Sembuya wasn’t helped, resulting into collapse of his manufacturing business because he was a Muganda, Mr. Wine enumerated the likes of Hassan Basajjabalaba, the Italian lady behind the Lubowa hospital and Amina Hersi Morge as some of the less deserving business persons who the Museveni government has generously funded to resuscitate their business operations. The crowd, which had waited for the Principal since morning, ululated as the bad man from the Kamwokya ghettoes ranted. Katumba uneasily turned in his seat while vigorously protesting to Francis Zzaake, Ken Lukyamuzi and other opposition figures who sat near him.

When his chance came, Gen Katumba vigorously protested while predicting the biggest hurdle that would continue standing in Mr. Wine’s way to Presidency was tribalism which he implied was unfortunately widespread among his NUP supporters. Katumba rightly said that, in a region where many people aren’t Baganda but live here as nobody can legally ever stop them, it would be counterproductive and suicidal for any aspiring politician or future President to incite those he considers to be his Baganda co-ethnics against the rest of the ethnic communities living here.

He said personally he wishes Mr. Wine well but the success of his presidency dream would for many years be dependent on how quickly he overcomes tribalism and begins looking at Uganda as a whole. That in today’s Buganda, it’s extremely difficult to tell who the real Bagandas are because communities have intermarried and become mixed up a lot. Katumba was flanked by Buikwe Woman MP the obscenely beautiful Diana Mutasingwa (also Minister in Museveni’s government) who continues to be a victim of ethnically-inspired attacks from some of the youngmen in the constituency whose candidate was Stella Nakapachu Nanteza, the FDC-sponsored radio presenter who narrowly lost the January 2021 vote to her.

As Katumba spoke, the crowd directed plenty of hostility to him to the extent that he endured a lot of heckling as he preached against tribalism and sectarianism in the country’s politics. Some bold youngmen asked him to give that same message to his boss Gen YK Museveni who they said had promoted tribalism and ethnicity more than any of his predecessors in State House.

When Katumba announced and handed over Gen Museveni’s condolence message of Shs10m, a young man from the crowd shouted “ebyo byemwasigaliza kusasula baffu [that is all you can offer Ugandans these days].” But when the same Katumba, whose support for the NRM was denounced by Mr. Wine as betrayal, offered qualified support for the bad man from Kamwokya’s dream to become President, the same crowd went ecstatic branding him a hero. Story jointly filed by Isaac Wandubile & Eric Luyimbazi.

Bobi arrives with his usual flamboyancy.

An old woman repors her land-related problems to Kyagulanyi who she said is the one she voted for.

Edddie Mutwe, the Kyagulanyi chief body guard, helps soldiers to get some memorable photos with the NUP Supremo.

Kyagulanyi finally agrees to a photo as was requested by these soldiers.

Sir we ask to take a selfie with you. UPDF soldiers reach out to Bobi Wine.

Zzake participates in the photo session.

Zzake participates in the photo session.

Sir we ask to take a selfie with you. UPDF soldiers reach out to Bobi Wine.

Gen Katumba endured heckling to deliver his message.

Gen Ktumba delivers Gen Museveni’s Shs10m condolence message.

Katumba delivers Museveni’s Shs10m condolence message to one of Sembule’s sons.

Even when we belong to different bisindes/pressure groups, we need to work together to ovecome this Museveni man especially on land matters.

Lying the wreath.

Minister Diana Mutasingwa spoke being the area woman MP having replaced the disgraced Judith Babirye.

Sir we ask to take a selfie with you. UPDF soldiers reach out to Bobi Wine.

Speaking on behalf of Sembuya’s friends, Ken Lukyamuzi characteristically spat fire.





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