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By Mulengera Reporters

Gen Katumba Wamala, who is the senior Works & Transport Minister, has resorted to dragging his feet on the Presidential directive requiring him to renew Allen Kagina’s contract as UNRA ED for another five years. Kagina’s five year contract ends on 30th April this year and, as we reported earlier on this website, the UNRA governing Board recently assessed her and advised on her suitability for retention.

She had written in December to the Board Chairman Fred Omach indicating interest in doing 2nd term. She also attached a long list of what she considers to be her accomplishments at UNRA. The board subsequently sat and reviewed her performance resulting into a report that commended her for “exceeding expectations” in the way she performed in the last five years. They particularized areas where they consider her performance superb and thereby meriting new contract.

As procedure requires, the Board communicated to their line Minister Katumba Wamala, and subsequently the President, recommending Kagina’s retention. The President responded by signalling Katumba to do the needful and author Kagina’s new instrument of appointment. This much we reported last week and indicated it’s Katumba’s action that was being awaited.

In acquiescing to retention, Museveni was mindful of the fact that it would be imprudent to let Kagina go at an entity whose governing board’s mandate is expiring just next month. In his wisdom undertaking two transitions simultaneously was a risky gamble that ought to be avoided moreover on the eve of such a major election that 2021 is threatening to be.

Mulengera News has since impeccably established that Gen Katumba has since gotten back to the big man from Rwakitura communicating his discomfort at having Kagina stay for another five years. Firmly making his case, Katumba has argued that Kagina’s performance has been lukewarm in the last five years making her ineligible for second term.

We have reliably established that, with encouragement from technocrats like Engineer Samson Bagonza, who must sit on the next board because his membership is statutory, Gen Katumba considers it appropriate to let Kagina go and ensure that competitive recruitment of the new ED becomes first priority business for the new UNRA governing board that can be hastily constituted between March and May when her contract is supposed to end.

Some in the corridors of power have considered Katumba’s views very instructive regarding Kagina’s suitability because he is the one who (as State Minister for Works) has been her direct supervisor for the last 2 years preceding his elevation to the position of senior Minister replacing amiable Eng Monica Azuba under whom he cordially served.

We were unable to readily establish how the powerful big man from Rwakitura intends to deal with the Katumba procrastination. Watch this space for more exclusive updates on this story. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994/0200900416 or email us at 





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