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By Mulengera Reporters  

Frank Gashumba has this Thursday evening escalated his feuding with the NUP Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu who he says he doesn’t fear at all and there is nothing he can ever do to him. He says Kyagulanyi is cold-hearted because he doesn’t want to see anyone else materially succeed apart from himself and immediate family members.

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Saying he is one of the few people who can’t be cowed by the Kyagulanyi social media hatchet men, Gashumba said Kyagulanyi‘s king-maker status has always been exaggerated because he can’t claim to be the one who made the likes of Medard Segona, Mathias Mpuuga, Joseph Sewungu, Betty Nambooze, Muwanga Kivumbi and a few other legislators because these became MPs long before he even joined politics.

Gashumba also said Kyagulanyi is a fictitious (kiwaani) NUP President currently because of two reasons including the fact that the fake delegate’s conference through which he got the Party Presidency never took place. Secondly, the real founders of NUP have since come out and proclaimed his ouster from their party leadership. He wondered the media wasn’t exhibiting any appetite to scrutinize the circumstances under which Kyagulanyi became NUP President after duping its original founders who are now up in arms against him.

Defending the MPs’ right to receive the Shs40m, Gashumba said Kyagulanyi is a big fraud who doesn’t wish others well which is the reason why he is threatening to punish MPs for taking the Shs40m yet for him is enjoying the IPOD billions which nobody inside NUP can even question. He said the MPs’ Shs40m is from Gen Museveni just like the IPOD billions which Kyagulanyi has never declined picking. That between now and 2026, NUP will have picked up to Shs22bn from GoU through IPOD.

Gashumba also regretted working with Stephen Sekigozi, Ibrahim Kasozi and Mohammed Segirinya to initially prop up Kyagulanyi who he shunned after being hijacked to become a project by Gen Kale Kayihura. “I’m now regretting but I jumped out the moment I realized this was just ekiwaani,” said Gashumba who added that Kyagulanyi came to politics not to liberate Uganda but to escape personal poverty and joblessness because he had become a spent force in music and his Fire Base  business was crumbling.

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Appearing on Balaam’s Radio4, where Adam Kungu hosted him this Thursday evening, Gashumba said Kyagulanyi is too money-minded to champion any credible political struggle against Gen Museveni.

Gashumba then proceeded to illustrate how Kyagulanyi has been extorting money from NUP elected leaders for his own self-aggrandizement as opposed to deepening the struggle. He referred to the Shs500,000 which every MP surrenders towards the Principal’s material welfare every month. Gashumba also claimed that Kyagulanyi equally demanded for a share of Shs10m off the Shs200m MPs got to buy vehicles.

Gashumba further alleged that Kyagulanyi has recently just bought a new boat to expand his fleet at Busabaala as children of the ordinary people he misled into his fictitious politics are rotting in prison. He also asserted that Kyagulanyi doesn’t want to see any genuine street protests against Gen Museveni because he benefits from the status quo.

He claimed that each time Dr. Kizza Besigye and his group announce protests, Kyagulanyi uses his underground network to mobilize people in Kampala to stay away from the same. “The other day that same Bobi Wine got out his phone and rang a certain NUP MP who had prepared to embrace Dr. Besigye‘s protests and threatened to deny him the NUP ticket in 2026 if he ever appears anywhere near Dr. Besigye‘s protests which are aimed at weakening Gen Museveni,” Gashumba said.

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He added that Kyagulanyi, like any other cold-hearted person, wants a situation where he is the only one who is materially well off among his NUP peers. This, he said, is the reason why he considers him to be a cold-hearted person who doesn’t wish anyone else well. He also accused Kyagulanyi of being behind the online demonization against Baganda political leaders who are intellectually better than him even inside the NUP party.

He gave the example of Mathias Mpuuga saying he is currently being targeted by agents of fictitious social media accounts whose Principal is Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu. Gashumba also made reference to the circumstances under which Kyagulanyi‘s blue-eyed boys like Nunian Li and Eddie Mutwe got released from detention where other poor people’s children are continuing to rot from. “And they immediately made pompous weddings and are putting up houses as if being in prison was a job,” Gashumba added.

He also referred to the circumstances under which Mukono MP Betty Nambooze was facilitated by the GoU to go abroad for specialized medication and nobody is raising a finger against her yet the same NUP Diaspora supporters were celebrated and cheered for demonstrating against Jacob Oulanyah‘s medication in Seattle only months earlier.

“We are waiting to see them denounce the same GoU for investing over Shs1bn in the medication of Betty Nambooze yet the local hospitals here in Uganda remain as bad as they were when Oulanyah was being denounced,” said Gashumba who also accused Kyagulanyi of acquiring a lot of continuing to acquire plenty of land in the Garuga neighborhood in Entebbe.

“That man is too selfish because each MP gave him Shs10m from the Shs200m for vehicles and he didn’t share that with anyone. Let him sell off that bullet proof vehicle and buy ambulances for the poor people. I also have it on good authority that his people were demanding for a fraction off the Shs40m which the MPs refused and this is why he is demanding that they take back the money.” (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at





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